Zimbabwe: Dead Man loses his house in debt

Hamilton Property Holdings, owned by business mogul Frank Buyanga, has sued a deceased man in High Court over debt and his estate will now have to transfer ownership of his Chadcombe home to the real estate company.

The late businessman Cyprian Musarurwa, through his company Curbstone Investments (Pvt) Ltd, borrowed US $ 21,700 from Hamilton Properties Holdings and offered his Chadcombe house built on 4,109 square meters as collateral for the loan .

Musarurwa failed to settle his debt and refused to complete the paperwork necessary to complete the transfer of ownership to Hamilton, prompting the company to sue the man’s estate in the High Court in an effort to reclaim his property. money.

Hamilton won the case, ending a ten-year legal battle to settle the debt.

Musarurwa died earlier this year.

Prior to his death, Musarurwa fraudulently had a warning placed on the property lifted by Hamilton.

He then obtained replacement title deeds which he used to subdivide the property and sold part of the land to Mr. Joseph Machipisa.

Granting Hamilton Properties’ request, Judge David Mangota declared that the permit dated January 31, 2019 to subdivide Chadcombe Township stand 282 was null and void and ordered Musarurwa Estate to hand over the house to the company real estate within seven days.

The agreement signed between Hamilton and Musarurwa postulated that the latter would cede his rights to the property in the event of default on the loan.

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