Will your street be repaved next year? Madison Co. supervisors approve 2022 road plan

MADISON CO., Mississippi (WLBT) – Eighty streets have been used for repaving as part of Madison County’s 2022 highway plan.

On Monday, the supervisory board approved the plan, which will be funded by a $ 6 million short-term loan, County Engineer Tim Bryan said.

Each supervisor received $ 1.2 million for their district and each helped choose the roads to be repaved with input from county engineers. Bryan said some changes could be made to the plan at the first board meeting in December.

Depending on the weather, Bryan said work could begin in December.

“It has to be above 50 degrees to pave. When it’s consistently above 50 degrees we’ll be paving, ”he said. “In Mississippi, it could be now until January.”

The work will be carried out by internal teams and private contractors. “The county has not started advertising the offers. At the next board meeting, we’ll ask if they want us to submit the roads as a separate project or as part of the current offer we have, ”said Bryan. “If it’s done under the current futures offer, it would be done faster. ”

The county has a futures bid for paving and asphalt, which means streets can be paved and potholes can be filled at a certain price during the contract period.

A list of routes is shown below.

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