Warrington Animal Welfare German Shepherd is looking for his forever home

An animal charity is hoping a nine-year-old German Shepherd will find her forever home in time for Christmas.

Due to certain health concerns, Mavis is seeking a permanent ‘twilight’ foster home where she can live the rest of her life surrounded by love but with the continued support of Warrington Animal Welfare (WAW).

WAW Administrator Lorraine Maudsley said: “The lovely Mavis came into our care when her owner moved in and couldn’t take her with them.

“She went to temporary foster care, where she settled down really well and they said he was a lovely dog, unfortunately they can’t give her a home forever.

“We would really like to see Mavis in her foster family forever before Christmas.

“A house reserved for adults, where she is the only pet and receives a lot of company.

“Unfortunately, we realized that Mavis was having some health issues, and after being seen by the vet who diagnosed her with arthritis, for which she is now taking supplements and pain relief.

Mavis is looking for her forever at home before Christmas

“She also follows a special diet for certain tummy problems.

“As a Twilight Foster dog, WAW would continue to cover all vet / specialty food costs related to his pre-existing conditions for the rest of his life.

“Despite this, Mavis is living her life to the fullest, she enjoys the outdoors and going to the park for short walks.

“But most of all, she loves her and the couch and follows her owners like a loving shadow.”

Due to these conditions, especially arthritis, the charity would like to see Mavis on a comfortable couch rather than in a kennel.

Lorraine, added: “Sponsorship changes lives! As a result of the pandemic we are seeing more and more animals rescuing and we are always looking to recruit new and committed people, and we ask anyone interested in Mavis or raising animals in need of us contact as soon as possible. ”

If you feel you can provide Mavis with a long-term foster home, please contact WAW on 01925 748638 (between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.), email [email protected], or visit the website for more information. know more.

Mavis is just one of more than 800 animals WAW has helped since January 2021, if you want to help them continue to help animals in need and want to show your support for your local animal rescue this Christmas, visit their website to learn more about their Christmas’ Give Some Ho! Ho! “Hope” campaign.

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