Warning on welfare issues amid rising animal license fees

Raising animal licensing fees at Powys risks driving breeding programs underground, a council meeting said.

Councilors met last Thursday (May 20) to reconsider the issue of the fee increase after the issue was postponed to a previous meeting in April.

This meeting had learned that procedural errors had created a “two-tier” system in the fees paid.

And May’s meeting learned that it would cost £ 28,125 for Powys County Council to keep the fees as they are – but there were also warnings that the increase in fees could have impacts elsewhere .

The issues had already cost £ 7,459 to reimburse those who had successfully filed objections since the increase was first mentioned in January 2020.

The proposals will see some of the fees increase by more than 250 percent and an average increase of about 70 percent.

In a statement, Cllr Jon Williams said: “As a result of the last meeting I was contacted by a boarding kennel to express their concern about the increase in license fees, the way it was. poorly implemented.

“They are very concerned about the increase in fees due to the effect that Covid has had on these businesses.”

He knew that five businesses had closed and two accused the increased fees of “the last nail in the coffin.”

Cllr Williams said: “There is a real possibility that this will create underground businesses that will operate unlicensed and without control, thus creating animal welfare issues.”

“The council made a mistake in the way it was handled and created a two tier system by reimbursing those who complained.

“The committee voted to refuse to implement taxi license fees due to the pandemic and should treat all businesses fairly and equally.”

He urged his fellow advisers to refuse the increase in fees.

Law enforcement official Gavin Jones told the committee: “There will always be unlicensed businesses out there.

“Where we find out, we will investigate and put them to work if necessary.”

Committee lawyer Colin Edwards believed those who opposed and were reimbursed were given 12 months without a fee increase, which equates to a taxi license.

The changes were approved unanimously.

License fees proposed for 2021/22:

  • Home boarder – £ 268
  • Commercial kennels / cattery – £ 303
  • Dog Breeder – Category One – £ 315

Fees for 2019/20

  • Home boarder – £ 106
  • Commercial kennels / cattery (one to 10 cats / dogs) – £ 211
  • Commercial / cattery kennels (11-30 cats / dogs) – £ 221
  • Commercial kennels / cattery (over 31 cats / dogs) – £ 230
  • Dog Breeder – Category One – £ 211.

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