Voting Democratic is key to our nation’s well-being

As I write this letter, the networks are reporting another school shooting, this one at Saint Louis. Initial reports indicate that a recent graduate attacked his own school, killing two people and injuring seven others. Reports said the shooter had a dozen 30-round magazines (that’s 360 rounds if my math is correct), but his stuck gun.

It’s the 40th school shooting reported in the United States this year. How long will we, as a nation, endure this carnage against our children? Whenever this happens, local officials, like the most recent mayor of Raleigh, lament the violence and cry out that something must be done about guns.

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But nothing will be done, unless the Democrats win massively in the next election.

Republicans won’t touch the issue of gun safety. In fact, January 6 Committee testimony showed that many Trump supporters were armed and prepared to do violence to the vice president and other officials.

Voting Democrat is the only way to stem the violence that is tearing our country apart.

The Proud Boys and Oath Keepers are armed with their assault rifles and playing soldier in the woods, hardly a “well regulated militia”.

Vote for the Democratic ticket while you still can.

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