VA Provides Debt Relief To People Affected By Natural Disasters

the Department of Veterans Affairs recently announced that it would provide debt relief to veterans affected by natural disasters.

With the fires raging in the west, hurricanes ravaging the east and the COVID-19 threat still looming in the background, many veterans are facing great hardship, including loss of income, and struggling to survive. meet their essential monetary commitments for things like food and shelter – let alone find additional funds to pay off debts that may be years old.

The VA said veterans affected by the current crop of natural disasters can request suspension of debt payments for up to 90 days or extended repayment plans on existing debts with the department.

To request help with VA financial debt relief, veterans should contact the VA Debt Management Center at 800-827-0648 or visit his website.

The VA Debt Management Center works with veterans who owe the VA money by offering repayment plans and other types of assistance.

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