This NFT Project Returns Profit To Its Holders Within A Week Of The Mint, Beating The Bear Market

The MadManga team announced that they will reward each holder with at least 0.1 ETH per airdrop soon after the sale of FOMO Stone NFTs. Rewarding its holders soon after release is an unusual action to take for a new project, especially since it was during the week of a well-known plummeting USD stablecoin fiasco. The project had gone against the grain of the fuzzy market with a simple reason for its carriers, “…[MadManga’s] partnership with Allizart has made profits, and we reward [all 1,500 OG holders]“.tits announcement also reflected their freshly announced DAO strategy, where thirty percent of online or offline profits accrue to its holders. Above gets big kudos in the book. This team’s gesture has excited their community for what’s yet to come and boosted everyone’s confidence in HODL. This event also doubled the floor price and low availability of FOMO Stone NFTs in the secondary market even to get one. Interestingly, the community is secretive, neither loud nor showy, and goes unnoticed by many. The determination of its holders not to sell or register also explains why its trading volumes are not the most active.

Fearing that people would play them for suckers, many NFT newcomers have become more cautious about NFT draft picks. As a result, many projects are now subject to even greater scrutiny. It is common for projects to fail to sell or for the floor price of projects to fall below mint, NGMI, sad but true. Therefore, any projects that sell out or exceed their original price are worthy of our eyes for a second look. MadManga FOMO Stone showed no fear by becoming the first sold-out project released right after the sale of large metaverse lands while all other projects had moved their manufacturing date by a week to avoid the high costs of the gas. MadManga charms that buck the bearish trend are a fact.

As MadManga enters phase 2 of its sale, the company is curious what else to come in store for shoppers. He is intrigued by what this team has been up to so far, not to mention that the two enlightening animated shorts they’ve produced should excite anyone who’s watched them.

According to community information on the official website and Discord, the release of the second wave has not yet been announced, with 2,700 coins remaining (4,200 in total). People’s only chance is to grab these NFTs from the secondary market to get in on the action and become their first 1,500 coin holder that would contain the most benefits. MadManga FOMO Stone NFT is a must-have project for those who love, create, write for manga and want to participate in rewards in a very otaku-oriented and fun community.


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