The $ 3.5 trillion bill is social assistance

Posted: 10/06/2021 10:16:48 AM

Politicians have created a fictitious word calling middle class welfare benefits “human infrastructure.”

Let’s be honest with the American people and call the $ 3.5 trillion bill (the most expensive in American history) what it is: the well-being of the middle class.

We have quality public education in New Hampshire. We need to encourage parents to take a more active role in encouraging our children to be more disciplined in their studies. In their preschool years, we need parents to be the teachers of their preschool children, not the influences of peer groups.

A free community college is more destructive than helpful. If students don’t invest in their education, they won’t work as hard as they can, and we will have lower quality faculty because we will be out of debt to support this promise of free college.

We spent $ 60 billion last year in our Department of Education and yet in New Hampshire less than 50% of our students have degrees in math and science. We don’t need more money.

We need to teach our kids about STEM, not social justice. Some people don’t understand that returning the corporate tax rate to pre-2017 levels, as it did under the Obama administration, will spur our multinationals to build factories overseas and hire employees. foreigners. This will lead to unemployment and is at odds with Biden who says he will bring the supply chain back to America.

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