Support animal welfare in Egypt through these 5 dog shelters

Support animal welfare in Egypt through these 5 dog shelters

Photo credit: APF

Animal lovers in Egypt know how dreadful life can be for Egypt’s stray animals: from poisoning and abuse campaigns allowed to abandonment of animals and road accidents.

Thanks to a growing awareness, there is a growing interest in animal welfare in Egypt; more and more people are choosing to adopt pets instead of buying them from stores which more often than not expose animals to inhumane conditions. The stigma of adoption baladi dogs and cats are also disappearing due to the many awareness campaigns organized by animal welfare organizations.

Dog shelters do their best to save abused, abandoned and injured dogs, and the best way to support their mission is to donate. All of the shelters on this list are non-profit organizations and they stress that no amount of money given is ever too small.

Photo credit: Furever Rescue Foster

With around 500 dogs in their shelter, Furever Rescue Foster supports rescue cases and abandoned dogs and is in constant need of more funding. The rescued dogs are then offered for adoption in Egypt or abroad.

Donate by: bank transfer, Vodafone Cash or Paypal.

Donation details are available on the Furever Rescue Foster Facebook page.

Photo credit: Talya’s Rescue Furbabies & Co

This relief organization provides emergency medical care for emergencies. They also vaccinate and sterilize the dogs they rescue, followed by a rehabilitation process to prepare them for adoption.

Donate via: PayPal, wire transfer or Vodafone Cash.

Donation details are available on the Talya’s Rescue Furbabies and Co. Facebook page

Photo credit: Unleashed Rescue for Stray Dogs in Egypt

This shelter is completely donated and has over 100 dogs in its care. It aims to save the mistreated and mistreated dogs of the streets of Cairo to help them find the loving homes they deserve.

Donate via: bank transfer, PayPal, Vodafone Cash or pickup in Cairo.

Donation details are available on the Facebook page Unleashed Rescue for Stray Dogs in Egypt.

Photo credit: APF

One of the oldest shelters in Egypt, the APF conducts trap, sterilization / sterilization and release (TNR) programs with the aim of controlling the growth of the stray animal population, in addition to raising awareness of the animal wellbeing. They recently had to suspend their rescue missions due to lack of funding.

Donate via: bank transfer, Vodafone Cash, Orange Money or PayPal.

Donation details are available on the Animal Protection Foundation Facebook page n ° 5630 (APF).

Photo credit: HOPE – Egyptian Baladi Rescue & Rehabilitation

With more than 350 dogs in its care, HOPE still needs donations to continue its mission of rescuing and rehabilitating mistreated dogs through a network of rescuers and medical resources.

Donate via: Vodafone Cash, PayPal or Pick-up.

Donation details are available on the HOPE – Egyptian Facebook page Baladi Rescue & Rehabilitation.

#AdoptDontShop: If you want to have a dog, consider welcoming one of these shelter dogs into your home instead of encouraging unethical breeding practices and puppy mills.

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