St Margaret’s School in Bushey calls in social care worker

An independent day school and boarding school in Bushey has appointed a social worker to provide professional support to students who encounter barriers to learning.

Claire Weldon will work with students at St Margaret’s who suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues that have been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Ms. Weldon is a former primary school teacher who has also worked in higher education providing pastoral and social support to students.

Following her appointment, Ms Weldon said: “For me, it has always been important to work in an environment that puts the welfare of children at the heart of everything.

“On my first visit to St Margaret’s, the focus on providing quality pastoral care really shined through. Basically my role is to help any child who is feeling worried, upset or anxious at school.

“Having the opportunity to talk about these things and develop clear coping strategies that they can use every day will help them rebuild confidence and resilience over time, so they can achieve their goals. Goals.”

Claire Weldon

Principal Lara Péchard added: “I have always been very passionate about the importance of providing the right care and professional support around student well-being. The more we can do to listen, support and equip children with the right tools to overcome their anxieties, the best.

“Our children have been through a lot over the past year and I am confident that by integrating Claire into our team, we will continue to make positive progress.”

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