S&D: We need migration to support the economy and the welfare state as labor gaps in the EU widen

The S&D group supports a strong message from the European Parliament which says: ‘we need migration’ in the EU, in particular to respond to the great labor market shortages in the future.

S&D MEPs believe that reducing barriers to legal migration is the most effective way to bridge the skills gap in EU labor markets, while ending the exploitation of migrant workers and reducing the number of irregular migrants to the EU.

The Commission’s Migration Pact, presented in 2021, includes commitments to bring forward legislative proposals on legal migration. The report debated today, and voted on tomorrow, sets out the European Parliament’s ambitious ideas, including new programs for the employment of low-skilled people.

Cyrus Engerer, S&D negotiator on legal migration policy and law, said

“The European Union needs migrant workers at all levels. For this reason, we ask the European Commission to put in place a long-term and sustainable fair admission system for third country nationals who wish to contribute to the European economy. Such a system should also ensure the recognition of verified qualifications from outside the Union and ensure a harmonized process between Member States. The underground and unregulated human resources market not only exploits workers from third countries, but helps to exhaust all rights and privileges of workers across Europe. It must end now. All workers are human beings and all human beings should be treated with dignity and benefit from the benefits that enhance their protection in their workplace.

The current labor shortages in the European Union will only increase in the years to come if nothing is done. We have the most aging population in the world and it is clear that we will not have enough workers to support our economy and our welfare state by 2050. It is time for the Commission to act and propose legal avenues for them. migrant workers.

Note to editors

The first line of the report on legal migration policy and legislation quotes the 2020 Aging Europe report showing that the share of EU inhabitants aged 65 or over is expected to be around one third of the Union’s population by 2050.

A 2021 study by the European Parliament’s research service points out that the introduction of new legal avenues for migrants to enter the Union to work could generate up to € 37.6 billion in GDP gains per year .

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