Qul Welfare Society in Hyderabad launches third branch for women and children

Hyderabad: Qul Wellness Society (QWS) celebrated its first anniversary on October 10 with the opening of its third branch in Tolichowki.

QWS, an NGO recognized by the Telangana government, trains women and children in various certified courses with the aim of empowering them and ensuring their financial independence. The company’s mission is to work for the development of a prosperous and sustainable community with its development programs, to educate children, to train young people in employable skills and to empower families and society. It has trained and impacted the lives of over 250 students in the space of a year.

“A number of women come from families in financial difficulty where they can be the sole breadwinner. It is essential that they are trained and qualified to be able to earn a living. Women can choose from the wide range of free classes available at the company. We have also worked with the Khadi and Village Industry Commission (KVIC, Khadi Gram Udyog, Hyderabad) to offer various food courses to students at a lower cost, ”said QWS President Nishat Hasan Mirza.

QWS offers a number of classes, including tailoring, henna design, spoken English, cooking, Quran with tajweed, among other measures. Members of the company volunteer to distribute ration kits to families, food and snacks to children and also help organize medical camps in the locality.

QWS began by providing ration kits to people economically affected by COVID-19 and, in addition, today, aims to equip women with technical skills, at no cost, to support themselves and their families. .

It was primarily funded by Nishat and various others who religiously donate cash and in-kind to society. It is currently located in Wadi-e-Mahmood, Rajendar Nagar, as well as Tolichowki. QWS strives to extend its reach to other areas where families in financial difficulty live, in order to provide for the needs of society and to invest in their well-being.

One can contact QWS to support their cause or volunteer for them on +91 9515001974 and follow their work on their Instagram manipulate.

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