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The federal government has published a procedure for awarding grants to various non-governmental organizations working for the welfare of people with disabilities.

The grants aim to increase the access of people with disabilities to employment opportunities by providing them with vocational training and social security.

According to the procedure, grants will be awarded to eligible organizations through the relevant local levels. The distribution of grants will be based on programs approved by the government.

The grants cover NGO programs benefiting people with disabilities. In accordance with the procedure recently published by the Ministry of Women, Children and the Elderly, the government will initiate the budget sanction process after the NGOs submit an application with its proposal for activities and programs at the local level concerned.

“The grant will only be spent for the purpose for which it is provided. The NGOs that receive the grants will implement programs to provide services to the target groups, and the amount of the grant will be provided through the banking channel.” , he says.

The procedure obliges the relevant local levels to carry out monitoring and evaluation to verify whether NGOs have used the grants. If it turns out that NGOs have abused the grant, the MoWCSC can blacklist them, ban the sale or transfer of its tangible and intangible assets, and freeze bank accounts for further action.

According to the 2011 census, approximately 2% (513,321) of the country’s total population lives with some type of disability.

A version of this article appears in the May 26, 2021 print of The Himalayan Times.

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