Pinetown Animal Welfare is grateful for their support

An article describing the parvovirus outbreak published in the Highway Mail on Friday February 18 touched the heart of resident and business owner Tamlyn Nurse.

Founder of Blue Bundu Brigade, an animal rescue organization in Pinetown, Karen Janisch reached out and urged pet owners to get their dogs vaccinated. This was after eight puppies died from the virus.

After the puppies died, the shelter was left with a R31,000 veterinary bill which was filed with the help of donors, fundraisers and adoptions.

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Nurse, the Hillcrest-based owner of Blueberry Blush, who also has a stall at the Shongweni Farmers Market, organized a fundraiser for the shelter to help pay the bill as well.

“We networked a lot on social media and were surprised at the turnout. The booth was quiet and we also had puppies to adopt who received so much attention and received so much love. It was overwhelming. It was a phenomenal experience and an amazing day,” said Janisch.

She said a very unexpected amount of R9050 was raised for their organization. “We paid most of that for our vet bill and kept a small amount for running costs,” Janisch said.

She thanked Nurse, her team and the public for this special day and their support.

The nurse said she tries to support a different charity each time she organizes a fundraiser or receives donations.

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“We have donated to a range of charities from women’s welfare to nurseries. But recently we were touched by the call from the Blue Bundu Brigade and decided we could show them the love by hosting a sale at our resident stall at Shongweni Farmers Market and help them reduce their vet bill as well as to obtain much-needed food donations.

“We have such an amazing community that we were inundated with support and managed to raise over R9,000 for the Blue Bundu Brigade as well as around 80kg of food,” she said.

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