Only Rs 400 allocated to tribal welfare in the supplementary budget of deputies, allege deputies of Congress

The last day of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly’s winter session saw repeated disruptions from congressional members of the tribal community who alleged that Shivraj Singh’s government was gradually cutting the budget for their community in the past. over the years.

Waving Rs 400 in cash inside and outside the House, Congressman Onkar Singh Markam alleged that the BJP government had budgeted Rs 400 for the tribal community. He was referring to the appropriation by the deputies of the 2021 accounts bill which was approved by the Assembly on Thursday.

The bill under Tribal Affairs shows Rs 200 under Revenue and an equal amount under Capital.

As part of the Rs 19,000 crore supplement, the state government has set aside Rs 400 for the tribal community, Markam said after the session adjourned. Previously, the tribal deputies boycotted the procedure, which led to the adjournment of the procedure. These MPs claimed that the tribal budget of Rs 4,000 crore provisioned in 2016-17, 2017-18 has now been reduced to Rs 1,700 crore, said Dr Hiralal Alawa, the national leader of Jai Adivasi Yuva Shakti, a tribal organization. Dr Alawa was elected MP on the Congress ticket. Dr Alawa alleged that the tribal budget was spent on Adivasi Gaurav Diwas.

He added that he had received a response that information was being compiled while asking about the event as a government order specifically mentioned that 12 crore rupees from the tribal regime had been spent on it, he added.

As part of the group of protesters, former Home Secretary Bala Bachchan demanded that tribals be given reservations in the promotion and alleged the government was opposed to the idea. He claimed that the 5,000-block tribal schools are being merged with the Ministry of School Education. The tribal purse of Rs 230 crore has yet to be distributed, he added.

Home Secretary Narottam Mishra sharply criticized the protesting opposition, saying that in his 31-year parliamentary career he had never seen such futile opposition. The House is looking at bills, resolutions and the budget for discussion but they (the opposition) haven’t discussed anything, Mishra added. Questioning the wisdom of Congressmen, Mishra claimed that they were unaware of this simple fact that the budget provision could be 0 or Re 1 and the amount if transferred into the head later.

The government questions the fire at the Hamidia hospital

In response to some questions about the deaths of four infants at the government hospital in Bhopal, Minister of Medical Education Vishwas Sarang claimed in a written response that the short circuit appeared to be the cause of the incident. He dodged questions about determining responsibility for the fatal incident, however.

In a recent hospital fire, four infants died after one of the neonatal ventilators went off after being turned on. CM Shivraj had ordered strict measures against those guilty of misconduct.

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