Non-profit thrift store Frederick benefits animal welfare

April 21 – A scruffy little dog named Tramp was the inspiration for a new thrift store in Frederick that donates its net profits to animal welfare groups.

Fetch Thrift Shop, at 1818 Rosemont Avenue, sells items donated to benefit animals. Charissa Beavers started the nonprofit and set up its first location in Boonsboro in March 2020 after her dog Tramp died.

“I wanted to do something that honored his life and helped other animals,” she said.

Beavers left the corporate resort and spa estate she had worked in for more than 20 years and started Fetch, combining her love for animals and thrift.

The Frederick location opened less than a month ago, Beavers said.

The boutique sells clothing, home decor, furniture, toys, books and more. It accepts clean and lightly used donations.

All net profits are donated to smaller animal welfare organizations, according to Beavers. Some of the charities he supports include the Animal Welfare Society of Jefferson County, Tip Me Frederick and Into the Wild Cat Rescue, the Fetch Thrift website said.

Beavers know firsthand the difference that love and care can make in an animal’s life.

She met Tramp at a ramshackle Mississippi Delta hideaway while in the area for work. She was not planning to adopt, but had come to the shelter with a friend.

The Beavers heard Tramp’s cries before she saw him. He was in a dirty cage, moaning for attention.

The beavers took him in and loved him for about 15 years. Wherever she went, Tramp went. She still considers him her best friend. He is in her thoughts every day.

“He was one of a kind,” Beavers said.

Now she is trying to help other animals. Through partnerships with Frederick County Animal Control and Tip Me Frederick, Beavers hopes to find adoptable cats to house at the store.

Fetch has helped 43 cats find homes in Boonsboro, Beavers said proudly.

Frederick was the original location Beavers had in mind for its first store, but Boonsboro was a more financially viable place to start. She is happy to add a second location in an area where businesses allow pets. The store is a short walk from the county animal shelter.

“This is a city that loves animals,” Beavers said.

She hopes the Frederick store will become a “mini community center”, like in Boonsboro. The Beavers said staff and volunteers make a point of welcoming guests and educating them about their mission. Dogs are welcome in the store.

Beavers feels like he’s found his place. She doesn’t plan on returning to the corporate world anytime soon.

“I love it,” she said.

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