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By Prince Charles Dickson PhD

This is not just a primitive rural superstition; [juju] is practiced by all kinds of people, from illiterate herd boys to multi-degree college professors. If you don’t understand the power of this belief, you will never truly grasp the rich yet often incomprehensible spirituality of Africa. Lawrence Anthony, The Elephant Whisperer.

No one respects the law of Nigeria. Judges don’t. The police no. Lawyers don’t. Politicians don’t. Citizens don’t. Why? Because there are no consequences. Those who fear the laws are the oppressed who have no godfathers. That’s why stealing a goat is more dangerous than stealing billions. Nigeria is a country of absurdities. JS Okutepa. (SAN)

No be juju be this…

So what is it or what is juju?

juju; plural noun: jujus.

A charm or fetish, especially of a type used by some West African peoples. Supernatural power attributed to a charm or fetish. “Juju and witchcraft”.

Juju, an object that has been deliberately imbued with magical power or magical power itself; it can also refer to the belief system involving the use of juju. Juju is practiced in West African countries such as Nigeria, Benin, Togo and Ghana, although its assumptions are shared by most Africans.

Juju comes from the traditional African religion known as Voodoo. Juju specifically refers to items used in conjunction with spells or curses, and like any practice or belief, it can be manipulated to create power over people.

Witches and juju things are absolutely fascinating – they can fly on broomsticks, do magic spells with their wands and stir amazing potions in their cauldrons. They can ask and do the unimaginable. In Nigeria it is all about the unthinkable things they can and cannot do or are held accountable to do or not let happen.

The Harry Potter books, for example, have recently made witches (and wizards) really cool – who wouldn’t want to be as smart as Hermione Granger, as brave as Ginny Weasley or play Quidditch as Cho Chang? However, in Nigeria it is child rights abuse and murder.

This warning is not about juju or witchcraft but it is about juju and witchcraft that Nigeria is “worried about”. Please follow me for the next few paragraphs and then we can share our thoughts.

Almost eight years and the government has not been able to operate a single refinery at full capacity, provide jobs and serve Nigerians in a resource-endowed country. A nation of all types of expertise in the oil sector and still simply cannot agree on whether or not a subsidy exists and what to do with it – no be juju be that!

Police follow PHCN abi DisCo officials to cut power to another police station. Meanwhile, DisCo is indebted to the Water Board and the Water Board is indebted to the local contractors who supply purification chemicals and the contractors cannot pay the local tax as they are indebted to the local electrician which repairs household electronics destroyed as a result of a terrible electric current supplied. to houses. We changed the name, balkanized the utility company, privatized it, financed it, but the energy problem persists, it’s a vicious circle of hell – No be juju be that!

How many times have you seen police wearing protective gloves or collecting forensic evidence? Do we have a database? A different data entry country for NIN, another for Driver’s License, another for BVN, or even another data set for “not available” (printed in another country) Nigerian passports. Still, there is a no-go-to database, wait… have you seen a desktop computer in a local police station, let alone a laptop, other than the “big boys” — No be juju be that!

We close factories to build places of worship then pray for jobs, every national celebration has an interfaith service and Juma’at prayers as accompaniment, yet we are a religiously wicked people. Each Christian with his personal juju-man, and each Muslim his own “boka-man”. We make interfaith prayers at official events, meetings and then fly, then give thanksgiving; saying ‘na God ooo’—No be juju be that!

A government official builds a hospital and calls it world-class, yet he travels to another country for treatment. They command schools they describe as world class and yet they are children, they go to puppet colleges in other climates. They live in villages and build castles in the United States, and beg these guys for help and loans – no juju either!

We unload on power relations through the balance of geographical distribution called Nigeria. In other words, we want power to go to the South, the North has had its share, we are talking about a Muslim-Muslim ticket, and we cannot say a Christian-Christian ticket. No one talks about the Ogboni-Krishna ticket.

Unfortunately we are stuck with if the president is from here the vice must be from there in the only nation with the outliers such as south-south, northeast, northwest, southeast and too many juju-type political necessities such as as federal character, catchment area, indigenous and non-indigenous, educationally disadvantaged; still no way, In fact, historically, we don’t have a story so we can’t agree on who’s at fault or what the solution is—No be juju be that!

Who remembers that in 2015, the Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria (WITZAN) announced that they had endorsed Goodluck Jonathan as a candidate for the 2015 presidential election.

“We have just held a meeting of witches in Kogi State where it was revealed to me that Jonathan will win the presidential election. He has the support of all the witches to continue in office,” said a certain Dr. Iboi, the president of the association.

Well, we can see that WITZAN’s pick ultimately didn’t win the race. The following year, WITZAN appealed for help, as the association released a statement for Nigerians to stop persecuting them, we expect them around 2023 – no be juju be that!

Last week in the news, brother and mother colluded to murder a brother. Another son tried to kill his mother. The young guys ate their “poo” in public and in the same week, three guys, the oldest being 20, beheaded the girlfriend of one of them, all for ritual money. A trend that has seen a frightening increase over the past two years, and being the pretentious people that we are, acting like it was new, just a few years ago it was “panty stealing” and up ‘to date, no one has been arrested, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned—no be juju be that!

Our Federal Road Safety Corps officers only work during the day and close at 5:00 p.m. and the roads can be left dangerous at night. Nigerians cannot be ‘de-jujulised’ by praying, by grand grammar, by protests, juju must be engaged, guardians of power and resources in Nigeria are not up to 5000 but their juju is strong and keeps the nation down.

It’s a sad reality that 2023 really doesn’t offer much if we refuse to tackle the witchcraft that has beset the homeland if we refuse to see that all is not well and continue to behave like bewitched people, a big storm is just around the corner, and if we don’t act, disaster is looming—only time will tell.

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