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California politicians have received excessive federal stimulus funding, combined with a current state tax surplus. The Newsom government wants to give these surplus funds to those who have paid less in taxes than those received in welfare funds.

Lawmakers in Democratic states and Governor Newsom should reduce the maximum state income tax to 6% of income, as most states have done, and lower the maximum sales tax to 7%. State residents should not receive social grants in excess of the taxes they have paid. After deducting social grants received by families for public schools, school buses, school breakfast and lunch programs, Medicaid and other funds from more than 100 social protection programs, nearly half of all residents pay nothing in federal or state income taxes. In short, half of Californians are overtaxed and half are under-taxed.

The solution is an equal income tax rate for all residents, who earn state income either through employment, investments, or social grants. The Newsom government should start supporting the overtaxed, who pay more than 6% of their gross income in state taxes, and this support should demand the reimbursement of overpaid taxes from those who are forced to pay excess taxes.

California will gradually be lost to other states, those that are too taxed. The solution is for every state resident or resident who earns income to pay equal tax rates. For those earning $ 30,000 per year, including social grants, their income tax should be $ 1,800 per year. Those who earn $ 300,000 should only pay $ 18,000 per year. Those earning $ 3 million would fairly pay $ 180,000 in state taxes.

Hand over excess taxes and overfilled stimulus funds to the highest income taxpayers, not those who apply for and receive grants from birth to death in excess of their taxes paid.

– Joseph Neff, Corning

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