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The “Naya Savera” program has significantly improved the educational status of minorities, especially Muslims, and they perform well in job and admission competitions. The program aims to empower students from minority communities and prepare them for competitions, in order to improve their participation in public and private employment. It provides financial aid for free coaching to notified minority students at selected coaching institutes.

Under this program, the government seeks to empower minority communities by helping the relatively disadvantaged part of society as well as the institutions working for them to develop their skills and capacities to make them employable. in industries, services and commercial sectors at the national level. and international markets.

The Government of India wants students to develop the flexibility to adapt to market dynamics on a continuous basis so that they can respond to demands for job opportunities, changing and emerging market demands and job opportunities. employment both nationally and internationally.

Selected coaching institutes must have a record of three years of experience and at least 100 registered students, which is required at the time of applying for the plan. In the past three fiscal years, 19,681,133 scholarships (Pre-Matric, Post-Matric, Merit and Means-Based Scholarship Programs and Begum Hazrat Mahal National Scholarship Program) have been sanctioned and 30,117 applicants benefited from the Naya Savera program.

Details by state of minority community students benefiting from scholarship programs, free coaching, and related programs over the past three years and the current year reveal some pretty interesting numbers.

Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state in terms of Muslim population, has benefited the most. According to statistics, 9040 students from Uttar Pradesh have benefited while 2899 from Karnataka, 2880 from Maharashtra, 2380 from West Bengal, 2260 from Madhya Pradesh, 1700 from Andhra Pradesh, 1550 from Gujarat, 1230 from Kerala, 1150 from Rajasthan, 1000 from Punjab, 950 from Haryana, 400 each from Chhattisgarh and Tamil Nadu, 378 students from Delhi, 360 from Jharkhand, 350 from Manipur, 340 from Chandigarh, 300 from Meghalaya, 200 each from Bihar and Jammu- and Kashmir and 150 students from Assam were benefited.

The maximum amount was also granted to students from Uttar Pradesh, more than Rs 26 lakhs, while Maharashtra received scholarships worth more than Rs 23 lakhs.

In order to join the ‘Naya Savera’ program, the institutes must have the required number of qualified faculty members on their payrolls or part-time, as well as the institutions with the necessary facilities like campus, library, equipment required, etc. To conduct the coaching courses in the applied courses for the right infrastructure is necessary.

The government is committed to guaranteeing the benefits to the students, therefore in the “Naya Savera” program, only coaching institutes are considered eligible, which work with a minimum pass rate of 15%. His past performance as well as his admission and pass rate are considered in the selection.

The ministry had established 130 PIAs across the country including the state of Tamil Nadu in the fiscal year 2017-18 in which eligible students can avail the program benefits of any of the PIAs incorporated in the framework of the program, regardless of the region. In the current fiscal year 2021-22, 37 PIAs have been allocated to provide free coaching to 5,140 minority students under the Naya Savera program.

In response to a starless question from the Lok Sabha, Minority Welfare Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi told the House on February 3, 2022 that the “Naya Savera” program is for all listed minority students. . Under this, Groups ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ are for students preparing for service exams and competitions. The government’s aim is to benefit young people preparing for employment through the Civil Service Commission, Railways, Banking, Insurance and Recruitment Board examinations. . Students preparing for admission can also benefit from this system.

Students preparing for admission exams in many vocational institutions, especially in medicine and engineering, also benefit from the “Naya Savera” program. The minister had said that students could avail the program by taking coaching from the coaching institute through any PIA. In addition to this, any NGO is authorized to apply for it.

Naya Savera has announced a new ray of hope. We tell the story of the success of the program with a new ray of hope, especially the Muslim youth who benefited from this program.

(The author is a freelance journalist and President of the Muslim Student Organization of India)

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