Morgan Wallen faces fan backlash over dynamic ticket pricing

Morgan Wallen fans are upset by sky-high ticket prices, caused by dynamic ticket pricing.

The Dangerous Tour 2022 was announced last week, with dates all over the United States. But fans across the country are encountering prices above $ 100 for “nosebleed” tickets. Tickets closer to the stage can approach $ 300, depending on location.

Ticketmaster uses dynamic ticket pricing to increase seat prices during times of high demand. But many fans feel like the practice robs them of a gig they would otherwise attend. “Who sets these ticket prices? $ 275 + fees for tickets at the booth? Almost triple the price of Luke Combs at half the programming talent, ”wrote a fan on Twitter.

The pricing strategy is similar to that used by Taylor Swift on her Reputation Tour in 2018. Dynamic ticket pricing drove tickets up, leaving fans hoping to see Tay Tay in the cold unless they paid over $ 300. $ per ticket.

A quick survey of ticket availability for Morgan Wallen reveals the price of “nosebleed” tickets at $ 136.50 at the time of writing. Closer rows start at $ 161 no charge, or over $ 200 with charge – for a Wednesday night show. Thursday and Friday performances at the same location add a $ 50 bonus.

Ticketmaster uses the technique to extract the maximum income from each fan. Everyone pays whatever price the aftermarket might demand, instead of a small selection of fans paying scalping prices after the event has sold out completely and demand is still high.

“My wife and I were super excited that we could eventually come and see you if we could get tickets,” wrote a fan on Facebook. “But we looked at your ticket prices and for someone singing for and about the blue collar community, you are really fucking us.”

“Now I’m not saying I can’t afford it, but charging up to $ 1,000 per seat is a little ridiculous now, unless there’s a reason I don’t know, you should be very ashamed of that, “continues the fan. . Another fan says Ticketmaster was hesitant to offer tickets, only to offer them again at a higher price.

“I was trying to get tickets to his OKC show and as soon as I picked the seats he told me someone had beaten me,” writes Brittany Coral. “I refreshed the page and those same seats were still available for an additional $ 300. The nosebleeds started at $ 500. That’s crazy.”

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