Martin Fuchs under fire after accusation by Austrian animal welfare organization

Switzerland’s number one show jumper, Martin Fuchs, is under fire from critics. The Austrian animal protection organization has accused the Swiss rider of animal abuse. On their social media, the organization posted a movie from the streaming service, ClipMyHorse. In this film you can see how Fuchs collides with his horse, Viper (Vigo d’Arsouilles) after he bursts in the bend, at CSI3* Linz. The Austrian organization reported the “abuses” to the authorities.

At CSI3* Linz, the judges did not react. Now – 3 months later – the Austrian social organization has filed a complaint against Fuchs. Reiterrevue contacted the FEI and the Swiss Federation; “It is only when we strive to properly follow up on these cases that we can move towards a non-violent relationship between riders and horses.”

One has to wonder why the organization is only reacting now, 3 months after the date, and what should be the duration and public records of the streaming services.

“It’s a dime on his side. Streaming service records help us prove the cases,” it seems. “However, archives can also be used to influence public opinion of our sport without revealing the context.”

So far, no reaction has been received by Martin Fuchs.

source: Reiterrevue

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