Mark Brantley visits the animal welfare center for Animal Speak and rents the state-of-the-art equipment

Mark Brantley visits the animal welfare center for Animal Speak and rents the state-of-the-art equipment

Charlestown, Nevis: Nevis Premier Mark Brantley and his Cabinet toured the new Veterinary and Animal Welfare Center for Animal Speak. He said the center is equipped with modern technology to provide professional and advanced animal care.

Brantley said the Nevis government has supported this initiative to expand animal medical facilities.

“This is a development that the government has supported since its inception. We believe that an important indicator of a country’s development is the care it provides for its animals,” said Premier Brantley.

He noted that during their tour, he was happy to learn that advanced technology has been deployed and that professional animal care is now available at this new facility.

“There is an extensive pet store where a wide variety of products are available. It was especially satisfying to meet the local staff working in this new facility,” said Brantley.

Additionally, he also thanked the Jensen family for this great investment in Nevis and their enduring partnership with the government and people of Nevis.

Nevis Animal Speak is dedicated to keeping pets happy and healthy through the best approaches to small animal care and the ongoing training of those who care for them. It offers affordable health and wellness options, a particular focus on population control through sterilization. Besides that, it also helps in educating people to take the best care of their pets.

People also applauded this great initiative to advance animal health care facilities on the island. Many responded to Prime Minister Brantley’s Facebook post and acknowledged the efforts of the Nevis Island administration.

“Fantastic news!!! Congratulations to those behind this awesome development,” wrote a user named Greg Pereira.

“Good things are happening in Nevis!! To God be the glory !! wrote another user, named Sharon Brantley.

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