LSU/Alabama game sold out – Tickets available on secondary market

This Saturday, November 5 will take place the highly anticipated big game between #6 Alabama and #15 LSU. The game will take place in Baton Rouge at Tigers Stadium.

The game will be televised to national audiences on ESPN at 6:00 p.m. We were rolling on Facebook when we saw the LSU Football Facebook Page announce that the game is now sold out.

This got us thinking, can you still buy tickets for the game? The answer is yes. Places like Live Seats, Stub Hub and other secondary ticket outlets currently have plenty of seats for sale.

Getty Images/Ingram Edition

Getty Images/Ingram Edition

For example, we saw on Stub hub that if you want to sit on the lower level of the stadium, you’ll have to be prepared to pay $300 to $600 for each ticket. So, for two people to go to the game and sit at the fifty-yard line, it would cost you over $1,200! That’s before you even pay to park, buy food and drink, and pay for gas to get to and from the game.

The moral of this story is that you will have to get your wallet out and get ready to pay. Now we’ve found more affordable tickets to the game, but get ready to sit with Jesus. Upper deck tickets cost around $150 to $275 per ticket. It’s a little better but you’ll be very high in the stands.

Florida vs. LSU

Marianna Massey, Getty Images

So there you go, are you going to Baton Rouge and shelling out the cash or are you just going to get some friends together and watch it at home? Either way, support the Tigers because if they win, they take first place in SEC West!

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