Lifting the Lid on Global Inequality by Jayati Ghosh

The reality captured by the Global Inequality Report 2022 reflects human choices, which means it can be changed by making other choices. This is why the report is not only a valuable compendium of useful data and analysis, but also a guide to action.

NEW DELHI – The World inequality report 2022, produced by the Paris-based World Inequality Lab, is a remarkable paper in more ways than one – starting with its demonstration of the immense power of collective patient research.

The report provides the latest estimates, based on a careful aggregation of national data from a multitude of sources, of income and wealth inequality at national, regional and global levels. It provides long-term time series data for these indicators, allowing us to look at recent patterns in a broader historical context. And it expands on different dimensions of inequality revealing new ways.

Any research undertaking as ambitious as this will inevitably spark quibbles about the datasets used, the assumptions required to generate particular series, and how certain data gaps have been filled. My own minor criticism concerns the World Inequality Lab’s use of purchasing power parity (PPP) exchange rates to determine and compare national incomes between countries.

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