Law roundup: Couple harassed with welfare checks

A woman was very upset because her family members were harassing her asking for welfare checks. Kalispell Police Department Officials spoke with the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office and determined that the woman’s relatives were indeed using law enforcement to harass her and her husband. Law enforcement advised him to get a restraining order and call for help if they showed up on his doorstep, which worried him.

A mother called officers after her daughter went to view a property she thought she paid $7,000 to rent, then met the resident who said she was currently renting it.

A woman claimed she had a temporary restraining order against a neighbor who was in her yard with a tape measure and a stick.

A chubby man in a black Cadillac Seville allegedly reached under his seat and pulled out a gun after someone asked him what the problem was. A teenager and a child were also in the car.

An upset woman reportedly had ongoing issues with a man who would swear at her and tell her to kill himself in front of his children. Officers advised her to get a no contact order from a judge. She called later to report that the man was shouting vulgar things at her over the fence and yelling at her child. Officers spoke with the man who allegedly said he was a ‘MAGA terrorist’ and she taunts him by making remarks he doesn’t like. He reportedly apologized and said he would not respond to her taunts.

Two men in leather jackets were shouting obscenities and didn’t seem in full control.

Someone was worried that a man having a beer was driving because his speech was slurred. After an investigation, officers determined that the man should not drive while taking prescribed medication. We drove him home and told him not to drive the rest of the day.

A woman was upset that construction crews and equipment allegedly crossed her property and despite contact with a foreman, the problems persisted. She complained that workers were leaving reviews online about her, calling her by every name and saying she was being rude.

Teenagers allegedly showed a “bag of crystals” and pictures of guns to children at a playground.

A man was suspicious of people dressed in all black who got out of a van and looked like they were going to see a garage sale, but who “just disappeared”. While speaking with officers on the phone, he said he hadn’t seen anything illegal, then saw people returning to the van and believed they had run out of gas.

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