Kay Properties Helps Southern California Physician Eliminate Active Management Liabilities with Multiple Delaware Statutory Trust 1031 Investments

After deciding to retire and step away from the active management of a $10 million real estate portfolio, a successful medical professional turns to Kay Properties to help him appraise DST properties for his 1031 exchanges.

TORRANCE, Calif., March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kay Properties & Investments, a national investment leader with Delaware Statutory Trust, recently helped a retired physician complete a series of DST 1031 exchanges totaling more than $10 million in order to achieve passive management and greater potential diversification. *

According to Dwight Kayfounder and CEO of Kay Properties, the investor was introduced to Kay Properties through his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who recommended the company because of its extensive DST 1031 real estate options market, its reputation for putting the integrity and interests of clients first, and their nationally recognized expertise in DST 1031 stock market investments.

“After the client contacted us, we spent the next year introducing and educating him and his family about DST 1031 stock market investing. We provided him with educational materials, spent many hours to phone him and set up several face-to-face meetings to help him understand how DST 1031 exchanges could potentially help him achieve his investment goals.As is our practice with all investors, it was important to us to also highlight the potential risks associated with investing in the DST 1031 stock market. Ultimately, our team of DST Experts worked with him to create a diverse portfolio of all-cash, debt-free DST properties that potentially met his needs and to his investment goals,” explained Kay.

Additionally, Kay explained that due to the time his team of hyper-specialized DST experts spent with the client over the course of a year, the client and Kay Properties were able to identify and book the exact exchange properties. he wanted before time, and successfully completed the exchange within 5 days of the abandoned property closing.

According to the Vice President of Kay Properties and DST 1031 exchange expert, Steve Haskel, the client had spent the past 25 years successfully building a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio of multi-family buildings and single-family homes that he actively managed. However, when he decided to retire to spend more time with his grandchildren and travel the world, he wanted to give up the day-to-day business of restrooms, garbage and tenants, and enter a property management structure. passive that would allow access to institutional quality investments while realizing the potential for regular monthly distributions. Additionally, his entire portfolio was heavily concentrated in a single sub-market, so he also wanted to achieve greater geographic diversification**.

“This gentleman was not only a successful doctor, he was also a part-time real estate professional who had made a fortune locally doing his own business and doing his own property management duties. When it was time for him to retire, he decided to liquidate his portfolio and pursue DST 1031 investments. Also, from an investment perspective, he was concentrated in the multi-family and single-family asset types in a single sub- local market, so we worked closely with him to help create a blended portfolio that included higher quality real estate assets in seven markets nationwide to help him reach the potential for greater diversification* *.And instead of being in one asset class, we helped him invest in five different asset classes, which included , industrial, multi-family class B and pref. fabricated,” Haskell said.

However, Haskell believes that as important as the actual transactions, this investor appreciated the educational process that Kay Properties provided him prior to his multiple 1031 DST trades.

“It is really important that our clients fully understand the DST 1031 structure and the potential risks associated with any real estate or DST investment. In this case, due to the time and education we were able to provide, this investor was very delighted and appreciative of Kay Properties’ business model, we spent the necessary time with him to understand their objectives, goals and risk tolerance and worked tirelessly with him and his CPA to create a 1031 exchange DST solution that could potentially achieve these goals,” Haskel said.

*Diversification does not guarantee profits or protect against losses.

About Kay Properties and www.kpi1031.com

Kay Properties & Investments is a national investment company of the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST). The www.kpi1031.com platform provides market access to DSTs from over 25 different corporate sponsors, custom DSTs only available to Kay clients, independent advice on corporate sponsor DSTs, comprehensive due diligence and verification of each DST (usually 20 to 40 DST) and an aftermarket DST. Members of the Kay Properties team have collectively over 150 years of real estate experience, are licensed in all 50 states and have participated in over $30 billion DST 1031 investments.

*NOTE: Past performance is no guarantee of future results and DST investments may result in a total loss of the investor’s capital. This is an example of the experience of one of our customers and may not be representative of the experience of other customers. These clients were not compensated for their testimonials. Please speak with your lawyer and CPA before considering an investment

All real estate investments provide no guarantee of cash flow, distributions or appreciation and could result in a total loss of the capital invested. Please read the entire Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) before making an investment. This case study may not be representative of the outcome of past or future offerings. Please speak with your attorney and CPA before considering an investment.

There is a risk of losing all the capital invested. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Potential distributions, potential returns and potential appreciation are not guaranteed. For an investor to be eligible for any type of investment, there are both financial requirements and suitability requirements that must match specific objectives, goals and risk tolerances. Securities offered by FNEX Capital, member FINRA, SIPC.

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