Jameel Welfare Trust: What it is, its roots in Sheffield and how it plans to change the world for the better

Haji Jameel arrived in South Yorkshire from South Asia 66 years ago and has not only built a family and a business he can be proud of, but has also endeavored to help charities by road course.

Now an 87-year-old retired gentleman, his daughter Angela, who lives in Sheffield, and his brother Shahjahan in Pakistan, are co-founders of the Jameel Welfare Trust, set up in his honour.

Angela, who lives in Treeton, unveiled the plan in October in Sheffield in front of local residents and dignitaries, and says her father’s aim of always doing a simple act of kindness is at the heart of it.

Trusted partners of the Taubah project in Uganda where the association helps orphans

“My dad always says that a simple act of kindness might not change the world, but it can make someone’s world better. That’s what we want people in Sheffield, Rotherham and South Yorkshire to do – join us, volunteer, donate their time or their money.

The Jameel Welfare Trust will participate in a variety of initiatives throughout the year, from bake sales to activity events to clothing drives, and aims to help those in need at home and abroad. ‘foreign.

In anticipation of the family visit and to support his family back home, Haji Jameel bought the Al Jameel kothi which saw many happy memories for the family. Haji Jameel recalls, “When I used to walk home on Hakeeman Street from my school (Islamia Khalkia), when I was young, I would stop at this beautiful mansion and pick flowers in the garden to bring them to my dear mother. The owner was yelling “hey, don’t do that” and I ran home quickly and lovingly, presenting the flowers to Mom. I did not expect, at that time, to one day buy and own this same beautiful kothi and Alhamdullilah that I made in 1967.”

He then dedicated it as Iqbal Public School for thousands of children under the diligent governance of his brother Malik Mohammad Shahjahan (Chief Executive Officer) and principle Naveed Begum, both of whom dedicated their lives to helping the children of Bhera. He is now in his 40th year. This is such a fine example of the brotherly bond between Haji Jameel.

Abujee with his grandsons at wholesale market time

Mohammad Shahjahan, Haji Jameel’s brother, Malik Muhammad Shahjahan said, “I was 9 years old when on October 18, 1956, together with all my brothers, I went to Karachi to accompany you to a new country. Since that day, you have never seen again and squeezed our fingers so tightly that by the grace of God you have helped us individually and collectively so that we are all well settled in this world of tensions, problems and complications. Hats off to you for proving you’re the best brother on earth. October 18, 1956… today is the 66th anniversary since Bhai Jan left for England to change the fortunes of our entire family.

Speaking at the launch event in Sheffield, Councilor Colin Ross, Deputy Mayor of Sheffield, said: “I was honored to be present at the launch of the Jameel Welfare Trust. Since arriving in this country in 1956, Haji Jameel has had a remarkable story, from driving buses to starting a wholesale business at the Parkway Market and in 1970 an overland trip to Pakistan in a VW caravan. with his wife and two young children. However, his charity work in South Yorkshire and Pakistan is perhaps his most notable achievement. The launch of the Jameel Welfare Trust is the culmination of many years of hard work and I wish Haji Jameel, Angela and the whole family every success in the future.

These views were echoed by Councilor Tajamal Khan, Lord Mayor of Rotherham, who added: “Haji Jameel is a very lovable gentleman and his achievements in his life are a reflection of his selfless and noble nature and his love. for his family, friends and colleagues. humanity.

He is an excellent role model and his philosophy is clearly evident in his daughter Angela and grandchildren Mohammad, Ahmed and Sheeza who continue his excellent work.

Abujee’s brother Muhammad Shahjahan and Principal Naveen Begum start in Bhera

It was my great pleasure to present a token of gratitude to Haji Jameel in remembrance of his selfless devotion and kindness to all and to mark the launch of Jameel Welfare Trust.

The acts of kindness the charity will perform will take place in South Yorkshire, Punjab and around the world. Already Haji Jameel – who worked in Sheffield’s steel industry, ran a business in food markets and eventually set up his restaurant Passage to India and was known to the community as the Sultan of Spices, a true legend – was delighted to power to see some of the work done on his behalf in Sudan.

Now that the main charity campaign has passed on to the next generation, he can look back on impressive successes, including mosques, water pumps and wells in the poorest parts of Pakistan, regular food parcels for people during harsh and unforgiving winters, food and medicine for those affected by the floods, helping orphans in Uganda, and closer to home, helping charity shops in Sheffield, Rotherham and South Yorkshire.

His work in and around Yorkshire was carried on quietly for many years, and now his plan and vision for the future is being put forward by his daughter Angela and grandsons Mohammad and Ahmed following in his footsteps, to aim to make a difference in the world.

Present the strategic plans to friends, family and dignitaries at the launch event

Angela added: “Throughout his life he helped people with this selfless devotion to duty, even when he himself went through difficult times, and he would never mention any of these things. Masha’Allah .

“But someone needs to give him credit for such noble acts of kindness spanning over 66 years.

“October 18, 2022 marks the 66th anniversary of Haji Jameel’s migration to England and to celebrate the occasion, Jameel Welfare Trust (JWT) has been established in his honour.”

Jameel Welfare Trust is founded on the true Islamic principles and values ​​anchored by Haji Jameel and aims to continue his excellent work within this philosophy to help those in need of help in various communities at opposite ends of the world – South Yorkshire and England. Southeast Asia, both of which he calls home, and other parts of the globe too.

Congratulating her father, Angela added: “Thank you Haji Jameel for your lifetime of kindness to all those whose lives you have embraced and whose lives you still embrace.

Abujee’s brother Muhammad Shahjahan and Principal Naveen Begum start in Bhera

“Your beautiful smile and selfless giving have inspired a future worth living for so many. Allah bless you to spread more goodness for many years to come my beautiful Abujee.

She added, “We believe that if we can do something nice for someone every time we count our blessings, we may not change the world, but we will definitely change someone’s world for him. better. It must be worth doing.

“Join us and together we can change the world for the better, one person at a time, with Jameel Welfare Trust, where every act of kindness is our charity.”

Helping flood victims in Swat, Pakistan with food and medicine

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