It is not legal but some reserve places in the parks and then sell them on the secondary market.

Wichita, Kan. (KSNW) – Sold out.

Camping reservations for places with electricity and hookups in most Kansas state parks are already booked for the vacation weekend.

Kansas wildlife, parks and tourism officials say people reserve spaces in parks and then sell in an aftermarket.

So who does it?

“That’s the question,” said Linda Lanterman, park director for Kansas wildlife, parks and tourism. “I don’t know. They could have done it safely and decided to make a lot of reservations and get them for their friends and family. The problem is when they want to do that and resell them. is not allowed on our Crown lands. “

Lanterman says there could be fines and court costs if you are caught selling in an aftermarket.

Some Park Rangers are keeping an eye out.

“Oh yeah. We’re at 100% capacity on the weekends,” said Jacob Guiot.

Guiot is a ranger at Elk State Park in southeastern Kansas. He says they know that some may decide to reserve a spot and sell it on a secondary market.

“We watched this here at the park,” Guiot said. “And if we notice that someone who is not on the site has obtained it from someone else, we will contact the person who first bought the site and sold it.”

Lanterman says they are not imposing fines at this time.

“We are not imposing any fines at this time,” Lanterman said. “We try to educate first, giving people the benefit of the doubt.”

Lanterman also says selling a reservation on the aftermarket is a safety concern.

“And for security reasons, like this weekend, where we might run into time, we like to know who’s on this site,” Lanterman said. “So if we need to call or make announcements, we can contact them.”

The best advice if you can’t get a reservation for a campsite with electricity hookups is to keep checking.

“You can also call the park office to see if anything opens,” Lanterman said.

Lanterman says there are still plenty of “primitive” sites open if you want to do some harm and pitch a tent for the holiday weekend.

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