Irish News Headlines: Budget Report Says Increase Social Welfare But Not Pensions; And the number of burglaries plunges after the murder of a gang in the crash of the N7

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A € 5 increase in pensions is practically ruled out as civil servants support higher benefits for workers

A € 5 increase in the state pension is as good as excluded in detailed analysis that instead supports higher benefits for working-age people on social assistance in next month’s budget.

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Teachers warn of virus spread silently in classrooms as restrictions ease

Teachers last night warned of the danger of the silent spread of Covid-19 in schools if decisions are made too early to ease restrictions requiring children who are close contacts of a confirmed case to stay at home.

Culture Night 2021: Spotlight returns to performing arts and music

The fun “in person” drought is finally over. Ciara O’Loughlin is roaming tonight’s events across the country.

Burglaries drop after gang dies in N7 crash

A significant decrease in burglaries in most Leinster counties is attributed by gardaí to the deaths of three prolific criminals as well as to a number of arrests.

Ireland ranks last among 38 countries for share of GDP spent on schools

Ireland ranks last out of nearly 40 countries for the proportion of national wealth it devotes to education, according to a report by the Paris-based think tank, the OECD.

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President denies “snob” of event to be attended by Queen

President Michael D Higgins has denied snubbing an event with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth to commemorate the partition of Ireland and the creation of Northern Ireland.

Marques will be banned from approaching children after his release

Irishman sentenced to 27 years in prison for being world’s greatest facilitator of child sexual abuse images will be banned from public parks and other places where children congregate when he is finally released from an American prison.

Epstein’s agent friend charged with second rape

Former French modeling agent and friend of the late Jeffrey Epstein has been formally charged a second time for the rape of a minor.

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