Investing in LEGO sets turns out to be a better bet than stocks, gold or wine

New research finds the growing value of LEGO sets makes them a more valuable long-term investment than traditional options like gold or fine art.

A recent study found that toys, especially LEGO sets, are growing in popularity as investment options, outperforming industry stalwarts like precious metals, fine wines or even stocks. .

Researchers from the Higher School of Economics (HSE) recently published their findings, as reported by The Guardian. According to the data, the used LEGO sets market is experiencing an 11% increase in value per year. This far exceeds rates for more traditional fields such as gold, stamps, stocks and bonds. Star wars sets such as the Millennium Falcon and the Imperial Star Destroyer have some of the highest values, but other toys such as model cars and trains, Barbie dolls, and superhero figures have also been included in investigation.

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The large-scale study looked at over 2,300 LEGO sets released between 1987 and 2015. It found that unopened sets from those years that were part of collector’s editions and limited production runs have a high return on investment. , especially when associated with scarcity in the secondary market.

Victoria Dobrynskaya, Associate Professor at HSE, gave an overview of the results. “We are used to thinking that people buy things like jewelry, antiques or works of art as an investment,” she said. “However, there are other options, such as collectible toys. Tens of thousands of deals are made in the LEGO aftermarket. Even taking into account the low prices of most sets, these are a huge market that is not well known to traditional investors. “

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“Sets produced 20-30 years ago make LEGO fans nostalgic, and the prices for them are skyrocketing,” Dobrynskaya added. “But despite the high profitability of LEGO sets in the general aftermarket, not all sets are equally successful. You have to be a true LEGO fan to sort through the nuances of the market and see the potential for investing in a particular set. “

It’s not just the older constructions that grab the attention either. Throughout 2021, there has been a series of thefts in Europe targeting LEGO. In the spring, a trio of Polish thieves who had been operating since 2019 were arrested in France after trying to steal several boxes of LEGO. Later in the fall, a high-speed chase ensued after Dutch thieves smashed the window of a toy store with their van and grabbed an assortment of Pokemon and LEGO toys.

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Source: The Guardian

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