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KARACHI — The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) provincial government since coming to power in Sindh in 2008 has passed a record number of laws to ensure the welfare and welfare of workers in the province.

Sindh Labor and Human Resources Minister Saeed Ghani said this on Sunday May 1, on the eve of Labor Day which is celebrated across the world.

Ghani said the Sindh labor department should do more to ensure the welfare of the workers. He added that the process of enacting landmark laws to ensure the welfare of Sindh workers has been ongoing since he assumed leadership of the provincial labor department. He said that the PPP Sindh government started the process of passing such laws soon after the subject of labor was transferred from the Center to the provinces as per the 18th Constitutional Amendment.

He said that both senior management and ordinary workers in the PPP have always raised concerns about labor issues and taken part in the practical struggle to ensure workers in the country have all the rights they deserve.

He recalled that one of those major decisions of the PPP senior management last year was to raise the minimum monthly wage for workers to Rs 25,000 in the province. Later, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif followed suit for the same monthly salary to be paid to workers in the rest of the provinces and the Centre, he added. The labor minister said work was underway to implement the decision. He said that the prosperity of the working class has led to the modernization of industry, the improvement of the economic situation and the improvement of the overall situation of the country.

Ghani said workers and hardworking workers should be remembered on Labor Day. He said that workers should receive the salary they truly deserved based on their services.

He said the legitimate payment of wages to laborers goes a long way in advancing the cause of poverty alleviation and ensuring the progress of the country.

He said Labor Day is observed around the world to remember the sacrifices made by Chicago workers. He said the sacrifices made by workers in Chicago ensured workers around the world were working to a daily schedule.

He said that before the sacrifices made by workers in Chicago, workers around the world had been treated like slaves and subjected to excess and oppression. Ghani said workers’ rights have been recognized around the world because of the sacrifices made by Chicago workers.

| Minister says hard-working workers should remember workers on Labor Day

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