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The e-commerce industry is expected to reach $ 188 billion in 2025, up from $ 64 billion last year, with consumers growing preference for buying in the digital market, according to a report by Ficci. The report “Gradual Transition from Trading to Confidence” was released on Wednesday.

“Now consumers are no longer looking to e-commerce as an alternative purchasing channel – its massive growth, which is expected to reach $ 188 billion in 2025 from $ 64 billion in 2020, signals its solidification as a purchasing channel. primary default for many, the report says.

Addressing the inaugural session on Building Customer Confidence in a Pandemic Period at the 2021 Customer Trust Summit, Consumer Secretary Leena Nandan said trust and transparency have never been more important than today.

Elaborating on how brands and businesses can deliver experiences that meet the needs of customers in these stressful times, Nandan said BIS’s various initiatives are focused on the needs of the industry.

86% of Indian shoppers believe that retailers need to improve to deliver the products, services and experience they expect from online shopping …

“There is a need to maintain an ongoing dialogue with industry players and BIS and understand what they are doing in the area of ​​creating a quality ecosystem.

“We are trying to educate consumers on the standards and the value of the ISI brand and industry collaboration and participation is the key to reaching out to protect the interests of consumers,” she said in a press release from Ficci.

Nandan also spoke about the government’s role in protecting the interest and the changing nature of the deal in the country.

“Our goal is to continue to focus on a consumer-centric approach to develop new innovative products and solutions,” she said.

The government, Nandan noted, will fail in its task if it is unable to create an ecosystem of competition so that the fair value of goods and services can be offered to consumers.

The Consumer Protection Act has opened avenues for consumers in such a way that it also benefits industries, the secretary said.

“Our ultimate goal is for the consumer to exercise their choices and this is when the country can develop, because consumption is essential for building a vibrant economy,” said Nandan.

“If we stick to our end of the bargain, meet the needs of consumers, embrace genuine grievances and respond on time, we will retain consumer confidence,” the secretary said.

The Counterpoint report predicted that this trend of increasing online share will slow down for some time …

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