Epic Elephants Squad with their new mint free NFT

Paris, France, February 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ready to join the $40 billion non-fungible token (NFT) market and help endangered animals? Introducing the Epic Elephant Squad, a new NFT collection dedicated to building community and raising money for animal charities. Epic Elephants will be free to mint on the ETH blockchain, and “adopting” an Epic Elephant gives customers access to amazing benefits as a member of the Epic Elephant Squad – users only pay the fuel costs! Users can participate in NFTs knowing they are contributing to a good cause, supporting elephants and their habitats as they buy and sell their unique NFT collectibles!

Here is the metaphorical backstory that makes Epic Elephants so special: this group of heroic elephants protect their fellows with strength and endurance, rewarded with the title Epic Elephants. That’s why 20% of secondary market royalty revenue will be donated to animal foundations voted by the Epic Elephant community. Plus, the Epic Elephant Squad offers exclusive benefits in a tight-knit and supportive group, united in the pursuit of helping endangered elephants.

Created by live painter, performer and NFT artist and collector BARTEU, there are 4,000 epic elephants with over 140 traits available for free mint February 22, 2022. These remarkable works of art have been patiently crafted, and each epic elephant is unique. – but some are rarer than others. From snapback hats to laser eyes, golden skin to cyborg, every Epic Elephant attribute has a rarity score, which builds to give each elephant its own rarity score and overall rarity level.

“The NFT market is ultra-hot, but the most incredible part of it is the ability to build a strong community with shared values,” said Epic Elephant creator and artist BARTEU. “The elephant is a revered creature in many cultures and represents strength, protection, wisdom and luck, making it the perfect creation for a community that wants to give back.”

Starting February 22, 2022, Epic Elephants will be available for free on epicelephantsnft.com. Each person is allowed to hit up to five epic elephants. Once struck, the coin changer will see a placeholder image on OpenSea. Once the collection is sold out, these placeholder images will update to reveal each coiner’s unique epic elephant. Team members will be rewarded with airdrops, gifts, and growing prize pools. Additionally, they will be able to vote on which animal charity will receive the donation.

Even more utilities will be revealed to Epic Elephant Squad members after the first strike. With a full roadmap, the project expects new collections over the next two years to expand to other endangered species and with benefits for the original Epic coin acceptors, providing value to incredible long term.

The Epic Elephant whitelist is now open, allowing access 24 hours before public minting time. Join the Epic Elephant Discord for overviews, rules, giveaway opportunities, a roadmap, and all the info users need to join the community. Also check out the Epic Elephants website and the official @EpicElephants Twitter.

Contact information:
Name: Filippo Citterio
Email: Send Email
Organization: Epic Elephants Squad
Telephone: +33 0772341480
Website: https://epicelephantsnft.com/

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