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PRESS RELEASE. Right after the Marnotaur DeFi leverage platform announced the extremely rapid completion of its Marnotaur NFT collection presale, the team announced that the collection would go public. The date of the sale has been set for October 4 on the official website and there are expectations in the community that it won’t last long. In this article, you will get an overview of the design, utility and sustainability of the collection’s tokenomic model.

Created by NFT256, inspired by Bullish DeFi Cycle (which will bring BTC to $ 100,000)

The first version of the Marnotaur NFT collection contains 2,775 uniquely designed creatures – Marnotaurs. The collection is issued in squadrons of 555 NFT. Each NFT is designed and created by members of the renowned art community – NFT256. This group brings together talented people from all over the world, artists interested in modern technology but still in love with art. NFT256 artists collaborate with the best crypto projects, making exclusive NFT art accessible to millions of people.

The collective created thousands of individual NFTs for the Marnotaur Project, and the team endowed them with a variety of traits and functionality, diversifying the rarity of each NFT. When you buy this NFT, you are actually buying an embryo. Shortly thereafter, a Marnotaur is born from the embryo and until this time the rarity, appearance and traits of each Marnotaur remain a mystery, impossible to predict. The token distribution is completely random and the team plans to use the Chainlink Randomizer for this purpose in the future. As a VIP option, the Marnotaur team will offer users the possibility to customize their NFT with their own facial and body characteristics. These upgrades will increase the rarity of the Marnotaur, increasing its price.

Inside the Marnotaur NFT collection

Financial Benefits for Marnotaur NFT Owners

  • Royalties from secondary market sales

To participate in this profit sharing campaign, users must have a Marnotaur NFT and some $ TAUR tokens (a minimum equivalent of $ 500). If you meet these conditions, you are eligible for royalty distribution, which is 50% of all royalties collected from secondary market sales on OpenSea.

  • Price increase with each new issue

The NFT program belonging to the Marnotaur collection is divided into 18 squadrons. Each squadron has its own floor price. Squadron 1-5 NFTs start trading from 0.05 ETH, while the NFT price for each subsequent squadron MUST be at least 50% higher than the previous squadron’s sale price. This means that those who hold NFTs from any of the top 5 squadrons will get the juiciest rewards – a chance to receive up to 1,300% return on initial investment. The final price will be decided by the community through the DAO voting process, which is available to all Marnotaur NFT token holders.

The community might consider implementing a linkage curve mechanism.

Besides the obvious profit potential of selling your first generation Marnotaur in the secondary market, there is a profit sharing program for token holders. He distributes 30% of the proceeds from the sale of NFTs from # 6-18 squadron to Marnotaur NFT holders.

Marnotaur NFTs can be used to stake and earn rewards in the Marnotaur Native Utility Token ($ TAUR), which will be used for multiple purposes within the project ecosystem. There is also a buy and burn program to reduce the pressure on the token price.

Benefits of Marnotaur DeFi Leverage Platform for Traders, Liquidity Providers and Holders

The Marnotaur platform has three types of users: liquidity providers, margin traders and holders. The platform has a base leverage of 5x, although there are options to access higher leverage for certain categories of users. Holders of Marnotaur NFT will also benefit from a higher leverage ratio. The exact multiplier will be announced at a later date and will be subject to change, depending on the decision of the DAO.

Liquidity providers are by no means left out. For owning an NFT Marnotaur, they will receive a Yield Farming Reward Booster. This nice bonus is intended to attract new LPs in the early stages of the project and to pamper the early providers who demonstrate their confidence in the concept and the team.

But more interestingly, the holders of Marnotaur NFT are able to act as the liquidity guardian for the platform. Those who do will receive rewards for liquidating positions reaching the agreed price.

And another cool bonus for owners of these NFTs is exclusive access to a private Discord server where they can chat with team members, get news, read reports, and get project information at speed. lightning.

CAD development

Marnotaur invests in strengthening the DeFi community

The Marnotaur NFT is also part of the growing DAO and offers various benefits to token holders. These include opportunities for team learning and access to data based on the performance and behavior of traders. The data collected will also form the basis of analytical reports for the holders as well. This information allows anyone with knowledge to build a trading strategy and avoid the mistakes of their peers.

As mentioned above, the DAO has a decisive voice when it comes to pricing # 6-18 Squadron NFTs (as well as the power to block new issues altogether). Members can also vote on the development of the platform in general, determining the direction of the company and its future.

The Marnotaur NFT is part of the rapidly growing gameFi ecosystem and is intended for use in cross-platform games and projects, increasing the price of the token and providing additional benefits to holders. On top of all that, of course, is the fun that any good game gives you.

Summarizing Marnotaur NFT

Visit the Marnotaur website it seems obvious – the team looked at all angles and covered all the factors that make a ‘good’ NFT. The potential of this asset is high and users can appreciate the meticulous designs that showcase the immense effort made by the artists who were involved in the creation of the collection.

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