DABBU Comic created over 50 years ago, digitized on the blockchain as NFT

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Melaka, Malaysia – (Newsfile Corp. – November 11, 2021) – Blacwhite Legacy is excited to announce the creation of Dabbu, the first hand-drawn black and white NFT comics and illustrations based on real animal events. This comes at a time when virtually all available NFTs are programmatically generated.

Figure 1: DABBU comic created over 50 years ago, digitized on the blockchain as NFT

Blacwhite Legacy aims to introduce something entirely original and different from what we’ve known about NFTs. They are launching a collection of non-fungible tokens based on real events that took place at least 5 decades ago. The NFT market is booming and Reuters has announced a $ 10.7 billion increase in sales volume during the third quarter of 2021. They also estimate that the volume will increase before the end of the year.

Details of Dabbu NFT

The Dabbu NFTs were created based on actual events that took place between the late 1960s and early 1970s. As an NFT, Dabbu is completely unique and is not a programmatically generated NFT project. , unlike conventional NFTs. Each of the Dabbu comic book illustrations and subsequently the generated NFTs are individually designed with hours of effort. It all started over 50 years ago.

Today, these self-drawn works are finally digitized on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens. There are approximately 217 all-themed comics and illustrations out of a maximum stock of 6,425 pieces. For the entire Dabbu NFT collection, typing is not random and collectors can carefully select which comic they want to purchase. Dabbu is currently working on the release of a 2D animated film designed exclusively for the owners of Dabbu NFT. This will allow Dabbu NFT owners to cinematically view the first collection of comics. Additionally, Dabbu NFT is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and its token standard is ERC-721.

Dabbu NFTs are great collectibles for any animal lover. Each of Dabbu’s works of art is based on the unaltered lives of domestic animals. The creators aim to relive your deepest and nostalgic memories with your deceased pets. Of the 217 creatively created comics and illustrations, there are 130 standard tokens, 53 special Christmas tokens, and 34 character tokens.

For each sale of Dabbu NFT in the secondary market, a percentage of the royalty will be allocated to a special entitlement fund for all Dabbu owners. The special entitlement fund will be used to develop the Blacwhite Legacy merchandising project, and all Dabbu owners will enjoy profit sharing privileges. Dabbu NFT Season 2 will be released in the summer of 2022, but Season 1 will remain one of Blacwhite Legacy’s biggest projects. Subsequently, the Dabbu NFT collection will be available on OpenSea as a secondary marketplace. Floor prices will be slightly higher than launch day strike prices, and the Blacwhite team is very serious about it.

Why is Dabbu NFT special?

Each of Dabbu NFT’s comics and illustrations has a separate title description which allows collectors to have easy reference checking. All comic book storyboards and illustrations are made visible to owners and non-owners of the Dabbu NFT. NFT minting is not random and collectors can carefully view each coin, choosing which to mint. All of these things help increase the resale value of DTV for owners every time they decide to resell.

Benefits of owning a Dabbu NFT

  1. The owners become a respectable member of the Pawserby non-profit organization.

Most importantly, a percentage of each sale of Dabbu NFT will be donated to The Pawserby. This will help prevent mistreatment of stray animals and their potential offspring.

  1. Academic Members’ Lounge (Lifetime Access Pass A)

As an expert in the creation of various academic materials, Blacwhite will provide all Pass A holders with free exclusive content. Each Dabbu holder can request this membership pass.

  1. Business and Career Membership Lounge (Lifetime Access Pass B)

Blacwhite will offer Dabbu owners who have Pass B membership and residency in Asia physical internships, jobs and business opportunities. For those outside of Asia, there will be virtual internships and business opportunities.

The interesting thing is that Dabbu owners are allowed to choose Pass A or Pass B.

  1. Free Vector Illustration (Source File)

All Dabbu owners will be rewarded with a special edition Dabbu artwork source file (in .ai format). Holders can explore the functionality of Vector. There will also be a contest for Dabbu owners for the best creative versions of Dabbu. The competition winners handpicked by the creators of Dabbu will take home the grand prize of 1ETH.

Dabbu NFT launch date

The Blacwhite team is in the process of finalizing the launch date for the NFTs. All collectors will be informed in advance of the official launch date once it has been decided. Until the launch date, Blacwhite invites everyone to be a part of their DABBUNATION.

Media contacts

Name: Dabbu NFT

Company name: Blacwhite Legacy

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://blacwhite.com/dabbu/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dabbunft

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dabbunft/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/bk4pfWKq9N

To view the source version of this press release, please visit https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/102994

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