Commissioners Nominate 7 Finalists for Social Services Position | Western Colorado

Seven finalists are in the running to become the new director of the Mesa County Social Services Department to replace Tracey Garchar, who died suddenly last spring.

The seven come from a pool of 19 candidates.

While six of the seven have direct ties to the Grande Vallée, with some working at one time or another for Garchar or in the department, three still live and work in the region.

One is Curtis Englehart, who now runs the Mesa County Workforce Center. Englehart has been a major force over the past two years in partnering with the department and Colorado Mesa University to help people find jobs.

For a short period in 2015, he held the position of Human Services Administrator.

Another local resident who applied is Joseph Kellerby, who is now the Director of the Child Welfare / Adult Welfare Division in the Mesa County Department, who holds the post in 2018 after spending three years in as the department’s child protection officer.

Kellerby has been part of the department in its Child Protection Division since 2008.

The third is Roy McGlochlin, who is the Support Services Coordinator at the Grand Junction Regional Center. He has worked in the Colorado Department of Human Services in various capacities since 2008, primarily for the Grand Junction Youth Service Center.

He was formerly a correctional officer at the Rifle Correctional Center.

The other four work outside the county but have ties to the West Slope.

n Ann Rosales, who is a Child and Family Programs Specialist in Denver for the US Department of Health and Human Services, but also served as Director of the Child Welfare Division for the Department of Human Services Colorado social.

Prior to that, she worked for the county social services department in child protection services, including as administrator and co-director of its child protection division from 2011 to 2014.

n Jill Calvert, director of the Child, Youth and Family Services Division of the El Paso County Social Services Department since 2018.

Prior to that, she held a similar position for Broomfield County Health and Human Services and also worked as Director and Supervisor of Child Protection in Mesa County from 2001 to 2016.

n Kari Daggett, who has been deputy director of the Adams County Social Services Department since last year, and has worked in the state’s Social Services Department to help run its child welfare division.

From 2003 to 2018, she held various positions in Mesa County Department, as Director of Child Protection, Head of Child Protection Duty, Child Protection Supervisor , home case management and senior case manager.

n Matthew Dodson is director of the Archuleta Social Services Department in Pagosa Springs.

Previously, he was a Child Protection Supervisor and Social Services Officer at the La Plata County Social Services Department, where he also worked as a Case Manager.

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