Chennai City Police rescue 2,541 people off the streets as part of social relief project

The “Kaaval Karangal” project was launched in April 2021 aimed at rescuing people abandoned on the streets by their families.

Chenai: Chennai City Police claimed to have rescued 2,541 people from the streets in the past year as part of the project’Kaaval Karangal‘. The project was launched in April 2021 aiming to rescue people abandoned on the streets by their families. Police said of the 2,541 rescued, 1,499 were admitted to care homes run by non-governmental organisations, 161 were reunited with their families and 159 received mental health assistance at the Mental Health Institute.

The municipal police commissioner, Shankar Jiwal noted on Tuesday that the project was executed in collaboration with the Greater Chennai Society and other welfare NGOs for the general public. According to Jiwalmore than 40 organizations, including NGOs, have worked with the program to help those in need.

According to the police, the rescue operation of people abandoned in the streets was carried out with the help of the inhabitants who called the authorities concerning the wandering people in the streets. A detailed study was carried out by the police on the city’s beggars and people who slept on sidewalks and other public places. These people were taken to foster homes and allowed to leave if they wanted to.

Not only that, but around 770 bodies found abandoned on the streets were cremated in public crematoriums after proper investigation and autopsies. Photographs of these bodies have been kept for record purposes.

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