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Taoiseach Micheál Martin said the government was “concerned” about the well-being of frontline healthcare workers and that the state immunization agency would keep the issue of recalls under review for this group.

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (Niac) this week approved the extension of COVID-19 boosters to people over 60 years of age.

“As far as healthcare workers are concerned, this is an issue they said they would continue to review and re-examine,” Martin said on Wednesday morning.

“It’s a matter of concern.”

“We are worried about the healthcare workers who are on the front lines. And there is growing evidence of a potentially hospital acquired infection due to the higher prevalence of the virus in the general community. When this happens, it also tends to manifest itself in healthcare facilities, which puts staff in more difficult situations. “

Higher Education Minister Simon Harris said he was “surprised” at Niac’s lack of decision on the matter.

“It surprises me that we do not yet have a positive recommendation for a booster program for health workers, but I also know that we have been very well served by our vaccination program and in general by taking advice. medical and clinical in relation to things …

“Niac is looking at the problem and will keep the problem under review,” he told The Pat Kenny Show.

Widespread campaign

Mr Martin welcomed the decision to offer recalls to people over 60 and said there was a clear feeling in the EU that a large-scale recall campaign would be part of the fight against Covid-19.

“In terms of a recall campaign, I think it’s good that Niac made a recommendation, something that I applaud when it comes to the over 60s. I know that at the European Union level, and As the EMA noted, people over 18 may be boosted six months after their second dose is given.

“It is clear that the European Union, when it has entered into a pre-purchase agreement for the next two years, covering hundreds of millions of vaccines to be purchased through Pfizer, clearly sees the future in terms of application. from a booster vaccine to a larger population as we move through the pandemic. They see it as part of the medium term.

The Taoiseach said the success of the Irish vaccination program was in part due to the feeling that there is professional clinical expertise behind the campaign.

“I think the National Advisory Committee on Immunization has given consistent advice from the start regarding immunization. We have reached 93% (of people) fully immunized, which is a tremendous achievement globally. And I think we have to accept that it shows that people have confidence in the immunization program. One of the reasons people have confidence in the immunization program is that there is professional clinical expertise underlying decisions about vaccine administration.

“And I think we obviously have to keep that structure and that edifice and that’s why it’s important that we defer to Niac in terms of advice.”

The Health Service Executive will begin giving booster shots to more than 800,000 people aged 60 to 80 in early November.

Most people over 70 are likely to receive boosters at their local GP office, while those aged 60 to 70 are likely to receive them at mass vaccination centers.

Officials are currently working on the details of the boosters’ deployment, which was approved by Cabinet on Tuesday. Officials say that with two million doses of Pfizer vaccine in stock, supply is not an issue.

However, some people in this age cohort will have to wait for the vaccine, as six months will have passed since they received their second regular dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

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Refocus the well-being of workers in the debates on disruption https://kenttribune.com/refocus-the-well-being-of-workers-in-the-debates-on-disruption/ https://kenttribune.com/refocus-the-well-being-of-workers-in-the-debates-on-disruption/#respond Tue, 19 Oct 2021 04:57:03 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/refocus-the-well-being-of-workers-in-the-debates-on-disruption/

Scholar shows how current antitrust remedies ignore the effects on workers.

To address the alleged monopolization of big tech companies, a bipartisan choir has voiced a common message: break them.

But when courts order large companies to “go out of business” for violating antitrust law, what happens to workers?

Antitrust law enforcement officials do not sufficiently consider the effects of antitrust law enforcement on workers, argues Hiba Hafiz of Boston College Law School. But Hafiz urges than they should, because break-ups affect workers significantly.

The current “debates” on the rupture are not new. Historically, antitrust regulators and academics have oscillated between favoring structural remedies—restructuring a big business in a smaller one – and behavioral remedies –requiring companies to engage in pro-competitive conduct. Today, the first approach has become more and more popular as commentators call for the sale of large technology companies. However, the courts have not yet to follow commentators.

In the current conversation, supporters of business disruptions overlook the welfare of workers, Hafiz supports. The agencies are concentrated on how structural changes will help consumers and small businesses competing in the product market, while ignoring workers in the labor market.

Consideration of labor market effects has not always been absent from antitrust law enforcement. Hafiz shows that during the New Deal era, antitrust regulation coincided with industry-wide wage regulation. But antitrust law enforcement officials and their lawyers do not analyze the labor market when it offers remedies, says Hafiz.

Instead, advocates of structural remedies presume that dismantling a large company will help workers because the existence of more companies will increase competition for wages and benefits. Hafiz challenges this hypothesis, explaining that the ruptures can lead to a restriction of the movements of the workers and a reduction of union power, which harms the workers.

To illustrate, Hafiz looks the court-ordered divestiture of Bell System, a business network organized under the umbrella of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T). In the late 1930s, AT&T telecommunications workers unionized and obtained wage increases through collective bargaining. They finally form an industry-wide union that spanned the country. Thanks to a strong union structure and direct government intervention, workers in the Bell system established uniform salary policies, fluid work flows and centralized demands with AT&T management.

Hafiz shows how the breakup of AT&T disrupted many of the union’s efforts. In 1974, the US Department of Justice deposit antitrust action against AT&T and other companies, claiming that these companies had illegally monopolized the telecommunications services market. Antitrust enforcers thought that a structural remedy was the only way to prevent a monopoly, especially in a regulated sector, from engaging in exclusionary behavior. According to Hafiz, the court approved the assignment, but failed engage in any analysis of how the remedy might impact the job market.

For the workers of the Bell system, the rupture caused considerable damage. Hafiz Explain this divestiture weakened union members and its bargaining power, led to lower incomes, weakened labor-management relations and reduced internal employee mobility.

Hafiz urges that antitrust agencies and courts assess labor market realities before imposing structural remedies. Economic approaches such as game theory and trading leverage models can help identify how antitrust actions can impact a particular industry, argues Hafiz.

Hafiz too encourages regulators and courts to use a broader analytical framework, which includes economic sociology and industrial relations.

Hafiz Explain that, when properly analyzed, it becomes clear that assignments can help or harm workers. A structural remedy can benefit to workers whether it preserves continuous employment, prevents information asymmetries between employers and employees about wages and working conditions, or maintains workers’ bargaining power.

On the other hand, a structural remedy can prejudice workers if it subjects workers to layoffs, disrupts established unions or increases the costs of worker mobility across the industry.

In addition to advocating a nuanced economic analysis, Hafiz offers policy reforms for agencies and courts. She said that antitrust agencies should consider the welfare of workers in any appraisal of remedies. For example, if an assessment concludes that a structural remedy would end up harming workers, antitrust agencies should to modify appeal or seek union approval.

Hafiz too urges courts to use their authority to gather evidence and seek expert opinion on labor market effects. Federal law requires courts at to consider public interest when assessing antitrust consent decrees. In making such decisions, the courts could consult economists and even the workers themselves, Hafiz suggests.

Finally, Hafiz argues that antitrust regulators should collaborate with other agencies linked to federal labor policy. She recommended that, in conjunction with the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, antitrust and labor agencies work together to examine structural remedies and their effects on the labor market. For example, the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, and the Department of Labor could form an inter-agency office responsible for labor market analysis.

Hafiz concludes that government agencies and courts need to broaden their expertise to understand how antitrust enforcement decisions affect workers.

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Congress ended my welfare programs: Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan | Bhopal News https://kenttribune.com/congress-ended-my-welfare-programs-madhya-pradesh-cm-shivraj-singh-chouhan-bhopal-news/ https://kenttribune.com/congress-ended-my-welfare-programs-madhya-pradesh-cm-shivraj-singh-chouhan-bhopal-news/#respond Mon, 18 Oct 2021 02:31:00 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/congress-ended-my-welfare-programs-madhya-pradesh-cm-shivraj-singh-chouhan-bhopal-news/ BHOPAL: “When Kamal Nath’s government was in the state, it ended the 0% interest farm loan program,” Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said on Sunday.
Chouhan was addressing public meetings in the Prithvipur and Raigaon constituencies.
“Kamal Nath ji announced a loan waiver for farmers and went to sleep in his room at Vallabh Bhawan. Today he came to get your votes, had he been here before? asked Chouhan.
Chouhan added that Congress, which has ended its welfare programs for the poor, is now seeking their votes. “They also have problems with my ‘Kanya Pujan’ before the start of official duties. ‘Kanya Pujan’ is a tradition in our country, it is a tribute to women who are like Durga, Saraswati and Laxmi to me ”, added the Chief Minister.
Chouhan said CCP leader Nath must explain why he ended the Sambal program under which the BJP government decided that higher education fees for children from poor families up to Rs8 lakh would be paid by the state government.
“If you came to get votes, you will have to give an answer. Why did you do it? Why was the Sambal program abandoned? Why was the promise of loan waivers to farmers not kept? Chouhan asked. He said that the poor and the farmers have the first claim on his government. “I have come to guarantee you a life of dignity and pride. Whatever caste or community you belong to, the BJP guarantees the development of your region and a life of dignity for all, ”he said.
Chouhan also spoke of the state of the roads under the former government of Digvjjaya Singh.
Chouhan added that he was doing what he said. “I made Niwari a neighborhood. And now the water will reach the agricultural farms in the area no matter what I have to do about it. A garlic mandi has also started its activities in Prithvipur, ”he said. He urged people to vote for the BJP in both constituencies and said he was letting his government work for their development. Source link

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Avinash Tiwary calls for more animal welfare conversations | Bollywood https://kenttribune.com/avinash-tiwary-calls-for-more-animal-welfare-conversations-bollywood/ https://kenttribune.com/avinash-tiwary-calls-for-more-animal-welfare-conversations-bollywood/#respond Sat, 16 Oct 2021 18:57:06 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/avinash-tiwary-calls-for-more-animal-welfare-conversations-bollywood/ Actor Avinash Tiwary explains why conversations about animal welfare and climate change should happen more often and not just on specific days

Actor Avinash Tiwary, who shot his next in Jharkhand, feels his time in the state has opened his eyes to the entire ecosystem. He now insists on the need for more conversations about nature conservation.

“Jharkhand was a revelation for me. I ignored her natural beauty. We shot in the rural areas of Palamu and the surrounding area. The production has done a fantastic job making sure everyone feels safe and comfortable as this is a very long schedule, ”Tiwary shares.

He’s been in Palamu since mid-August and is reportedly filming for the screen adaptation of Bihar Newspapers. During his schedule, he took a break to visit Betla National Park in Latehar District.

The Bulbul (2020) the actor believes animal welfare should be a daily conversation, not just a day. “Not just the welfare of the animals, but the welfare of the whole ecosystem. Environment versus development is a constant debate and I think one way to strike a balance is to find ways to monetize through the environment at minimum cost, ”he says.

Stating that sustainable tourism is a big step forward, the 36-year-old adds: “It means boosting the potential of tourism until the carrying capacity of a place is reached, then leading to sustainability with the help of all stakeholders “.

Opening up on his experience in the jungle, he says, “The national park was one of the first national parks to become a tiger reserve. It is almost intact as it is far from the carrying capacity of the place. Law and order has been a problem in the past and may have been one of the deterrents, as it is still not explored much. Personally, I think the place has evolved beautifully and would likely become a hotspot for wildlife and astro photography enthusiasts. It was amazing to watch the sky full of stars at night and experience the monsoons here with green covering every square inch of this place.

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Former head of child welfare agency pleads guilty to pending case – NBC10 Philadelphia https://kenttribune.com/former-head-of-child-welfare-agency-pleads-guilty-to-pending-case-nbc10-philadelphia/ https://kenttribune.com/former-head-of-child-welfare-agency-pleads-guilty-to-pending-case-nbc10-philadelphia/#respond Fri, 15 Oct 2021 15:32:53 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/former-head-of-child-welfare-agency-pleads-guilty-to-pending-case-nbc10-philadelphia/

The former head of a northeastern Pennsylvania County welfare agency pleaded guilty Thursday to endangering children by covering up abuse allegations to clear a backlog of cases.

Joanne Van Saun, who resigned as director of the Luzerne County Department of Children and Youth Services after her arrest in July, pleaded guilty before a Harrisburg County judge for endangering property -being children and two heads of hindrance. The penalty is fixed for the month of December.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro, whose office pursued the case, said in a statement that Van Saun “turned a blind eye to child abuse and neglect, violating the law and his duty to protect the most vulnerable.” His attorney, Patrick A. Casey, declined to comment.

Van Saun, 58, has been accused of setting up a team led by three senior assistants to deal with a backlog of nearly 1,400 cases after it was made public by the citizens of Wilkes-Barre he four years ago. She told them that she wanted the backlog cleared and that she didn’t care how the police alleged it in the affidavit of arrest.

Shapiro said the backlog represented three-quarters of the state’s total at that time.

Investigators said people who worked under Van Saun described her as a bully and a tyrant.

The case concerns dismissals from the state ChildLine hotline that were inappropriately interrupted by office workers under his direction in May 2017. They included reports of children who came to school starving, a child burned in the face when his mother threw a cigarette out of a car window. , an adult telling children to kill themselves, and a 100 pound (45 kilogram) child still using a diaper.

Prosecutors said three other former agency employees involved in the suppression of the cases had agreed not to occupy a position where they would be mandated to report suspected child abuse cases until at least 2025. They did not. have not been charged.

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Payment of social pensions withheld shortly after the rally: Minister Balagopal | Kerala News https://kenttribune.com/payment-of-social-pensions-withheld-shortly-after-the-rally-minister-balagopal-kerala-news/ https://kenttribune.com/payment-of-social-pensions-withheld-shortly-after-the-rally-minister-balagopal-kerala-news/#respond Thu, 14 Oct 2021 06:32:44 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/payment-of-social-pensions-withheld-shortly-after-the-rally-minister-balagopal-kerala-news/

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Finance Minister KN Balagopal announced that social pensions of about 4.5 lakh of people who were withheld will be paid after the rally is over. He also said that these people will have another opportunity to complete the rally by submitting the certificate of life through the welfare boards.

The Minister said this to the Assembly when responding to a submission from opposition leader VD Satheesan.

Among the beneficiaries of the social security pension, 3,428,85 people must complete the recruitment, while 1,07,541 of the beneficiaries of the social assistance fund pension must also complete it. The pension of those who did not engage in recruitment was withheld. Pension recipients even included dead and ineligible people.

During the rally held in the centers of Akshaya, the opportunity was given to gather those who had received a pension until December 31, 2019. And also to submit the certificate of life and the full gathering for those who did not. had not Aadhaar. The minister also stressed that the pension was only withheld from those who did not complete it even after extending the deadline.

No more ‘work from home’ option for government employees

There is currently no work-from-home option for government employees, as per a government decree. This option was given until August 4.

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Social policies aim to empower women: Minister https://kenttribune.com/social-policies-aim-to-empower-women-minister/ https://kenttribune.com/social-policies-aim-to-empower-women-minister/#respond Wed, 13 Oct 2021 03:23:36 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/social-policies-aim-to-empower-women-minister/

Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s social protection policies are aimed at empowering and uplifting women, Housing Minister and district official Ch. Ranganatha Raju said.

The minister was speaking after paying checks for the second phase of Aasara at Velagapudi Ramakrishna Memorial College in Repalle.

“The YSR Aasara program is for women who have used loans. One of the electoral promises made during Mr. Jagan’s padayatra is the waiver of loans. Out of the 6,500 crore, Guntur district got 620.99 crore, Repalle constituency 49.08 crore and Nagaram mandal got 7.99 crore, ”Mr. Raju said.

In addition, the Pedarandariki Illu program aimed to build houses for 30 lakhs and the Nadu-Nedu program gave schools a new face. The YSR Arogyasri program has now been expanded to cover 2,000 illnesses and a new medical college was being built in each parliamentary constituency, he said.

MP Mopidevi Venkata Ramana Rao said women have the ability to stand up and are good at financial discipline. Navaratnalu was intended to bring economic development to all strata of society.

District collector Vivek Yadav said 7.99 crore was credited to the accounts of 1,044 SHG women. The education and health scenario would change quickly after the launch of the Nadu-Nedu program, he said.

Zilla Parishat chairman Henry Christina said the programs were started to bring a smile to every person in the state. The minister later laid the foundation stone for the village secretariat in Repalle.

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Chinchilla supplier loses license for animal welfare violation https://kenttribune.com/chinchilla-supplier-loses-license-for-animal-welfare-violation/ https://kenttribune.com/chinchilla-supplier-loses-license-for-animal-welfare-violation/#respond Mon, 11 Oct 2021 19:52:30 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/chinchilla-supplier-loses-license-for-animal-welfare-violation/

A Minnesota animal supplier Moulton Chinchilla Ranch has lost its license, a judge said on Friday (October 8). The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) had sought court action after finding what it called animal welfare law violations during inspections, including animals that had not received care timely vets and sharp, rusty edges on animal housing.

According to National GeographicUSDA Inspector Brenton Cox told the hearing he had nightmares after going through the facility and made it into a training tool for “how to handle worst-case facilities” .

Lewis & Clark Law School attorney Russ Mead notes in comments to Science that the facility had an eight-year history of animal welfare violations. “It took 213 violations of the [AWA] to cause this license revocation. The system is down, ”he told the point of sale.

It is not clear if there are other US sources for research chinchillas, which are sometimes used in auditory research because their large ears are similar to those of humans. According to ScienceDan Moulton, who operates Moulton Chinchilla Ranch, testified during the 18-day hearing into violations that he was the sole supplier of research chinchilla in the country, a claim disputed by a USDA veterinarian . Science notes that at least a recent study used chinchillas from a pet supplier, but researchers say both the outlet and National Geographic that finding research chinchillas is getting harder and harder.

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Qul Welfare Society in Hyderabad launches third branch for women and children https://kenttribune.com/qul-welfare-society-in-hyderabad-launches-third-branch-for-women-and-children/ https://kenttribune.com/qul-welfare-society-in-hyderabad-launches-third-branch-for-women-and-children/#respond Sun, 10 Oct 2021 14:06:00 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/qul-welfare-society-in-hyderabad-launches-third-branch-for-women-and-children/

Hyderabad: Qul Wellness Society (QWS) celebrated its first anniversary on October 10 with the opening of its third branch in Tolichowki.

QWS, an NGO recognized by the Telangana government, trains women and children in various certified courses with the aim of empowering them and ensuring their financial independence. The company’s mission is to work for the development of a prosperous and sustainable community with its development programs, to educate children, to train young people in employable skills and to empower families and society. It has trained and impacted the lives of over 250 students in the space of a year.

“A number of women come from families in financial difficulty where they can be the sole breadwinner. It is essential that they are trained and qualified to be able to earn a living. Women can choose from the wide range of free classes available at the company. We have also worked with the Khadi and Village Industry Commission (KVIC, Khadi Gram Udyog, Hyderabad) to offer various food courses to students at a lower cost, ”said QWS President Nishat Hasan Mirza.

QWS offers a number of classes, including tailoring, henna design, spoken English, cooking, Quran with tajweed, among other measures. Members of the company volunteer to distribute ration kits to families, food and snacks to children and also help organize medical camps in the locality.

QWS began by providing ration kits to people economically affected by COVID-19 and, in addition, today, aims to equip women with technical skills, at no cost, to support themselves and their families. .

It was primarily funded by Nishat and various others who religiously donate cash and in-kind to society. It is currently located in Wadi-e-Mahmood, Rajendar Nagar, as well as Tolichowki. QWS strives to extend its reach to other areas where families in financial difficulty live, in order to provide for the needs of society and to invest in their well-being.

One can contact QWS to support their cause or volunteer for them on +91 9515001974 and follow their work on their Instagram manipulate.

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HC Madras Opinion at the Center on Advocacy on Standards for the Well-Being of People with Disabilities | Chennai News https://kenttribune.com/hc-madras-opinion-at-the-center-on-advocacy-on-standards-for-the-well-being-of-people-with-disabilities-chennai-news/ https://kenttribune.com/hc-madras-opinion-at-the-center-on-advocacy-on-standards-for-the-well-being-of-people-with-disabilities-chennai-news/#respond Sat, 09 Oct 2021 02:23:00 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/hc-madras-opinion-at-the-center-on-advocacy-on-standards-for-the-well-being-of-people-with-disabilities-chennai-news/ CHENNAI: The Center should be tasked with releasing the draft “Harmonized Guidelines and Standards for Universal Accessibility in India, 2021” in an accessible format and in the vernacular languages, a public interest brief filed with the high court of Madras. PIL wanted the Center to make printed copies available for inspection at designated offices, advertise widely in the media, and invite the public to comment for at least 30 days.
Admitting the plea on Friday, a division bench comprising Judge TS Sivagnanam and Judge Sathi Kumar Sukumara Kurup ordered the Center to file its response by October 20.
In 2016, the Union’s Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs published comprehensive guidelines setting standards and design specifications for a barrier-free environment to ensure universally accessible public spaces, especially for people with disabilities, a said petitioner Vaishnavi Jayakumar. These guidelines were called “Harmonized spatial guidelines and standards for a barrier-free built environment for people with disabilities and older people”. “However, the Central Department of Public Works (CPW) appears to have uploaded a draft 2021 harmonized guidelines with an office memorandum dated August 12,” she said.
It is not known when this project was uploaded to the CPW website. The memorandum says the draft is subject to public comment and comments can be submitted until August 27 by email, she added.
“No newspaper announcement has been made regarding the publication of the draft guidelines for public comment. No information was available on the websites of the other authorities involved in the publication and only 15 days were provided by the CPW for the submission of comments, ”said lawyer for the applicant A Yogeshwaran.
Noting that people had no way of knowing that the draft guidelines in question had been uploaded by CPW and therefore a valuable opportunity to participate in the process was lost, he said, ” the draft is a 317 page document and the 15 day comment period was not even sufficient to read and understand the document.
Additionally, the project downloaded as a PDF file was not compatible with screen readers or assistive technologies, meaning visually impaired people in the country would not have been able to access it. and understand it, he said. Source link

https://kenttribune.com/hc-madras-opinion-at-the-center-on-advocacy-on-standards-for-the-well-being-of-people-with-disabilities-chennai-news/feed/ 0