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On September 22, a divisional bench of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Subramonium Prasad observed that Bedi was unaware of the case being listed on said date and the Women’s Commission lawyer of Delhi (DCW) undertook to inform him. of the listing of the case on October 7, 2022. The Registrar General was also instructed to notify Bedi. “Ms. Kiran Bedi is requested to assist this court in this matter at the next court date,” the court said.

A report has been submitted by the Extra Sessions Judge, North-West Rohini Courts, who is the chairman of a committee overseeing the welfare of women living at Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya in Rohini, constituted by the High Court earlier in April. Acknowledging the report, the court ordered that a copy of it be “provided to all parties to enable them to comply with instructions/recommendations that have been made in the general interest of the Adhyatmik Vidyalaya”.

The High Court had asked Bedi on April 26 to oversee the functioning of the committee to “enforce the human rights of women and ensure that their legal rights are adequately protected.” Additional Session Judge, North West, Rohini Courts, Delhi, was appointed Chairman of the Committee, which included members of DCW, District Magistrate (North West), Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime Against women) with jurisdiction over the region among others.

“The functioning of the said committee will be overseen by Mrs. Kiran Bedi, former Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry – who has very kindly consented to assume the responsibility in this capacity. It will be the obligation of the GNCTD to provide all the assistance it requires to carry out its functioning,” the court ordered in April.

The High Court had, at a previous hearing, expressed its shock at the situation prevailing in the institution. He commissioned a team to inspect the ashram premises in 2017, in which the DCW lawyer said she found no doors on the internal toilet stalls and that only one door existed for a group of toilet cubicles. Several other aspects were also noted by her in her report. She further alleged that more than 100 girls were housed in “animal-like conditions with no privacy” on the premises.

The court had, however, specified in its April order that the establishment would be free to pursue its religious and spiritual activities provided that none of them violated a fundamental or other right of an inmate or any other nobody.

The case came to the High Court after an NGO filed a PIL. Subsequently, in December 2017, the High Court ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to investigate the alleged unlawful confinement of several underage women and girls at the ashram.

Is the Brett Favre welfare scandal a case of “the rich stealing from the poor”? https://kenttribune.com/is-the-brett-favre-welfare-scandal-a-case-of-the-rich-stealing-from-the-poor/ Fri, 30 Sep 2022 02:55:54 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/is-the-brett-favre-welfare-scandal-a-case-of-the-rich-stealing-from-the-poor/

by Brett Favré participation in a recently uncovered Mississippi welfare scandal made national news. Some have begun to question his direct involvement in the welfare system and the consequences he will face. However, the biggest concern might be what other critics of Favre have expressed. His involvement in a scandal potentially took valuable resources from the people of Mississippi who desperately needed them.

Since news broke of the former Green Bay Packer’s involvement in the welfare scandal, details surrounding his role have become increasingly concerning. Although Favre has yet to be charged with a crime, the state of Mississippi has prosecuted him. The Associated Press recently released that found texts revealed the former quarterback colluded with former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to transfer at least $5 million in state welfare funds to build a new volleyball stadium at the University of Southern Mississippi while Favre’s daughter played volleyball there. Specifically, the $5 million was inappropriately channeled from the federal budget. Temporary Assistance Fund for Needy Families.

It should be noted that several nonprofit leaders, such as Nancy and Zach New, pleaded guilty to state and federal charges for their involvement in the volleyball project, alongside the former director of social services John Davis. The texts ultimately lead to a wider investigation into the football star’s personal finances. Earlier this week, Katie Strand and Kalyn Kahler published an article in Athleticism that Brett Favre’s charitable foundation, Favre 4 Hope, which claims to support cancer patients and underprivileged children, has given Southern Miss more money than any other donor organization during the same period of its involvement with officials of the Mississippi on the volleyball draft.

More precisely, ESPN had access to tax records indicating that from 2018 to 2020, Favre 4 Hope donated over $130,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi Athletic Foundation. Again, these massive donations came at the same time Favre was funding the university’s new volleyball center. Interestingly, three years prior, when Favre’s daughter was playing volleyball at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, tax records show that the Favre 4 Hope Foundation donated $60,000 to the Oak booster club. Groves. Athleticism also reported that the club later awarded the school $60,349 to help build a sports facility.

While donations from Favre’s nonprofit may not have been illegal, experts say charities that receive money for a specific purpose have an ethical obligation to spend the money. funds in the manner provided by the donors. That said, it remains to be confirmed whether or not these funds were misappropriated. However, many argue that the reports of the donations seem suspicious given Favre’s involvement in the welfare scandal.

While Favre’s fate remains to be seen, some are outraged by his actions. Moreover, that there has been no more discussion denouncing his behavior. Some have pointed out that some groups that speak out against needy families who legally receive social benefits have not been as vocal about Favre, who is worth $100 million but has social funds. So the two questions for some are whether this is a case of the “rich stealing from the poor” and whether Bret Favre will be held accountable for his actions both legally and in public opinion or he will enjoy the privilege of being a wealthy white man, a former professional football star. But one thing is certain: the funds distributed to Favre’s volleyball project did not go to those who really needed them.

According to US census, nearly 20% of Mississippi residents live at or below the poverty line, which is the worst rate in the nation. This percentage includes 28% of children. The federal government gives money to states to distribute to needy populations through its Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. But before the scandal came to light, Mississippi residents struggled to access the money. That said, many argue that the Bret Favre welfare scandal only highlights a major nationwide problem with funds going to the Temporary Assistance Fund for Needy Families and that money is not going enough. in the right places.

SiriusXM suspends Brett Favre’s radio show amid welfare scandal https://kenttribune.com/siriusxm-suspends-brett-favres-radio-show-amid-welfare-scandal/ Tue, 27 Sep 2022 14:09:22 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/siriusxm-suspends-brett-favres-radio-show-amid-welfare-scandal/

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre’s weekly SiriusXM radio show is suspended after it was revealed the athlete was linked to welfare fraud in Mississippi. A representative for the broadcasting company shared the decision on Sunday, September 25 with Variety.

Court records show former Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant told Favre in text messages that using state welfare funds to build new athletic facilities at the University of Southern Mississippi could be illegal. The Hall of Famer told his attorney he didn’t know where the money came from. Local plug mississippi today revealed that Favre’s involvement could be the biggest case of social fraud the state has ever seen. The total amount embezzled is at least $77 million.

News of Favre’s scandal broke around the same time Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka found himself in hot water for cheating on fiancée Nia Long with an NBA employee. At first, Favre’s news was overshadowed by Udoka’s story. However, soon many wondered why the former footballer didn’t have as many backlashes as Udoka.

Many on social media have brought up the issue of race. Favre, who is white, received almost no media coverage, while Udoka, a Nigerian-American, made headlines: [tells] you everything you need to know.

Another tweet read, “Ime Udoka may have or may have had a relationship with another consenting adult who violated company policy. It shouldn’t be more important than Brett Favre stealing millions of social funds from poor minorities for a volleyball stadium.

The former Green Bay Packers quarterback has been featured on ‘The SiriusXM Blitz With Brett Favre and Bruce Murray’ radio show since 2018. The rep who revealed Favre’s appearances would be put on hold pending investigation declined to comment further.

Swiss to vote in national poll on ban on factory farming | Animal wellbeing https://kenttribune.com/swiss-to-vote-in-national-poll-on-ban-on-factory-farming-animal-wellbeing/ Fri, 23 Sep 2022 05:32:00 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/swiss-to-vote-in-national-poll-on-ban-on-factory-farming-animal-wellbeing/

Swiss voters will vote on Sunday on whether to ban factory farming as unconstitutional and end imports of intensively farmed meat.

The latest polls show 52% of voters oppose it a ban, and 47% support one. Whether ballot initiative for factory farming is voted, the Swiss constitution, which already protects “animal welfare and dignity”would be amended to include an animal’s right “not to be intensively raised”, and new laws would reduce animal stocking rates to meet organic standards.

Under current Swiss law, “you can keep 27,000 chickens in a barn and their moving space is about the size of an A4 sheet of paper,” said Silvano Lieger, chief executive of animal welfare group Sentience. Politics, which proposed the vote in 2018.

“Pigs are also kept in barns, up to 1,500 per farm, with 10 pigs sharing the space of an average parking space. It is not possible to treat animals with dignity in these conditions,” he said.

Groups supporting the ban include Switzerland Association of Small Farmers, Greenpeace, Les Vertes and animal protection associations. The only political party to the government to support the ban is the Swiss Socialist Party (Social Democratic Party).

A ban would protect the environment by reducing reliance on soy-based animal feed linked to deforestation, said Lieger, who also stressed the need to reduce animal protein consumption.

His team calculates that only 5% of farms would be affected by the possible ban. Although there are no exact figures on the proportion of small farms in the country, the the number of Swiss farms is decreasing while the size of farms increases, according to the national statistics office.

A campaign against the banled by the Swiss Farmers Union (SBV), says that existing laws limiting the number of farm animals mean that intensive farming in Switzerland does not exist.

Swiss breeders can raise up to 18,000 laying hens and 27,000 broilers, said SBV production, market and ecology manager Michel Darbellay. If the ban is approved, the maximum number would be 4,000 laying hens and 500 broilers, while changes to pig standards would lead to a 50% drop in pig production, he said.

For pigs and cows, Lieger said, the ban would have no maximum limits. Instead, the animals would be kept in small groups, given indoor and outdoor space and the opportunity to play, he said.

Opponents of the ban say it will not prevent cheaper imports of factory-farmed meat.

Swiss welfare laws were already “among the strictest in the world,” said Darbellay, who pointed to existing bans on caged hens and time limits for which pigs can be kept in pens ( Where cubicles, as the Swiss call them), 10 days compared to several weeks in other countries.

However, only 3% of Swiss consumers wanted organic poultry and pork with a higher level of well-being, Darbellay asserted. Although a ban would drastically reduce Swiss production of chicken, eggs and pork, it would not prevent imports or reduce consumption, he said.

About 80% Swiss meat is produced locally, but Darbellay expects imports to “increase massively” if the ballot initiative passes, while any attempt to impose a ban would be negated by existing trade agreements.

In 2020, the Swiss ate less meat than the EU average, almost 51kg per capita, while the consumption of milk and dairy products was higher at 301kg. The latest data available shows that the average meat consumption in the EU in 2018 was 69.8kg per capita, while the consumption of milk and dairy products was 600g per day in 2019, i.e. 219 kg per year.

The decline in meat consumption is largely explained by the fact that it is comparatively much more expensive in Switzerland than in the rest of Europe. Import rules make it prohibitively expensive to import large quantities of meat, but consumers can buy smaller quantities of cheaper meat from neighboring Germany.

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Law roundup: Couple harassed with welfare checks https://kenttribune.com/law-roundup-couple-harassed-with-welfare-checks/ Tue, 20 Sep 2022 07:02:28 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/law-roundup-couple-harassed-with-welfare-checks/

A woman was very upset because her family members were harassing her asking for welfare checks. Kalispell Police Department Officials spoke with the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office and determined that the woman’s relatives were indeed using law enforcement to harass her and her husband. Law enforcement advised him to get a restraining order and call for help if they showed up on his doorstep, which worried him.

A mother called officers after her daughter went to view a property she thought she paid $7,000 to rent, then met the resident who said she was currently renting it.

A woman claimed she had a temporary restraining order against a neighbor who was in her yard with a tape measure and a stick.

A chubby man in a black Cadillac Seville allegedly reached under his seat and pulled out a gun after someone asked him what the problem was. A teenager and a child were also in the car.

An upset woman reportedly had ongoing issues with a man who would swear at her and tell her to kill himself in front of his children. Officers advised her to get a no contact order from a judge. She called later to report that the man was shouting vulgar things at her over the fence and yelling at her child. Officers spoke with the man who allegedly said he was a ‘MAGA terrorist’ and she taunts him by making remarks he doesn’t like. He reportedly apologized and said he would not respond to her taunts.

Two men in leather jackets were shouting obscenities and didn’t seem in full control.

Someone was worried that a man having a beer was driving because his speech was slurred. After an investigation, officers determined that the man should not drive while taking prescribed medication. We drove him home and told him not to drive the rest of the day.

A woman was upset that construction crews and equipment allegedly crossed her property and despite contact with a foreman, the problems persisted. She complained that workers were leaving reviews online about her, calling her by every name and saying she was being rude.

Teenagers allegedly showed a “bag of crystals” and pictures of guns to children at a playground.

A man was suspicious of people dressed in all black who got out of a van and looked like they were going to see a garage sale, but who “just disappeared”. While speaking with officers on the phone, he said he hadn’t seen anything illegal, then saw people returning to the van and believed they had run out of gas.

How a public income insurance scheme could create a two-tier welfare system https://kenttribune.com/how-a-public-income-insurance-scheme-could-create-a-two-tier-welfare-system/ Sun, 18 Sep 2022 04:00:38 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/how-a-public-income-insurance-scheme-could-create-a-two-tier-welfare-system/ Finance Minister Grant Robertson is facing criticism over the proposed income insurance scheme. Photo/Mark Mitchell

The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) is “deeply concerned” by the government’s proposal to create an income insurance scheme.

The charity argues it would be fairer and more efficient than the existing welfare system

On Ukraine and well-being, morale trumps material | Opinion https://kenttribune.com/on-ukraine-and-well-being-morale-trumps-material-opinion/ Fri, 16 Sep 2022 04:45:00 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/on-ukraine-and-well-being-morale-trumps-material-opinion/

Kansas Child Protection Oversight Office Responds to 7 Investigations https://kenttribune.com/kansas-child-protection-oversight-office-responds-to-7-investigations/ Tue, 13 Sep 2022 22:44:04 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/kansas-child-protection-oversight-office-responds-to-7-investigations/

Kansas children's attorney Kerrie Lonard testifies before the Kansas Legislature on September 13, 2022.

Kansas children’s attorney Kerrie Lonard testifies before the Kansas Legislature on September 13, 2022.

The Kansas Legislature

Nearly a year after Governor Laura Kelly created the office by executive order, the Kansas Children’s Advocate Division has 69 open investigations into the Kansas child welfare system.

The non-partisan control office was created by executive order as an independent oversight body to investigate complaints about the child protection system.

Kerrie Lonard, the named children’s advocate, told lawmakers during a hearing on Tuesday that the office had completed seven investigations. The findings of these investigations will not be made public until the bureau publishes its annual report next year.

The office was the subject of intense political wrangling in Topeka. Last year, Kansas House and Senate lawmakers each sought versions of the bills, but were deadlocked over the location of the office.

In October, after the Legislative Assembly failed to pass a bill, Kelly announced that she would establish the office within the Administration office.

Since her appointment in December, Lonard said she has fully staffed the office and worked to develop investigative policies and procedures. The office has received complaints about a wide range of child protection issues, including the initial removal of a child from their family, concerns about case managers and legal counsel, and the quality of mental health services. .

After completing an investigation, the office issues a series of recommendations to the agencies involved.

“Success is going to be measured, one, just owning our own internal processes and working and responding to people who bring us a concern,” Lonard said. “Then I think there are the larger-scale successes and I think it gives voice to people who really felt like they had no other place to voice those concerns.”

Even when the office gets up and running, there remains a point of political contention.

During Saturday’s debate at the Kansas State Fair, Republican Attorney General Derek Schmidt, Kelly’s gubernatorial contender, called the office ineffective in its current form. One of his top priorities, Schmidt said, would be to work with the Legislative Assembly to codify the office into law.

Schmidt’s campaign manager, CJ Grover, doubled down on his criticism in a statement Tuesday. He pointed to low public awareness, single-digit number of closures investigations and lack of public recommendations as “failures”.

“These failures occurred because the Governor chose to go it alone by Executive Order instead of working bipartisanly with the Legislative Assembly to create a truly effective office of child advocacy with the ability to do more than just investigate complaints,” Grover said.

State Rep. Jarrod Ousley, a Democrat from Merriam, argued against that characterization and said the office should have time to work out its policies before the legislature gets involved.

“I don’t think it’s a bad thing to let the office continue to do the work and see where we are,” Ousley said. “Are you measuring (success) child by child, family by family? Because I think you’ll find a lot of success stories coming out of this office.

Lonard told reporters she would like the office to become part of the law eventually.

“There are a number of things that the executive order allows us to start building and figuring out what is going to work in Kansas, but there are a number of things that I think are necessary for us to really be as efficient as possible. . here in Kansas and it needs to be done in law,” Lonard said.

“Location wise, it works. I think we have been given the autonomy to really operate independently.

But Republican lawmakers have indicated they would still like to see the office placed in law and removed from the administration office.

State Representative Susan Concannon, a Republican from Beloit, said work to codify the office has stalled in the House this year and the chamber has had no conversations about the office with the Senate. Concannon had supported a version of the office that reported directly to the Legislative Assembly.

“I think it’s still a bone of contention over where it’s being hosted and there’s discussion among my leadership in the Legislative Assembly as to whether the appointment itself was ever made legally,” he said. said Concannon. “I’m just glad we have someone to take care of the kids.”

State Senator Molly Baumgardner, a Republican from Louisbourg, said it was the responsibility of the legislation would relate to the November legislative elections. Baumgardner had supported a version of the office that reported to the attorney general.

She was frustrated with the time the existing office had taken to establish an online presence and get a running dial-in number.

“If we had opted for the Senate version, there is already an office, there is already expertise to put things in place. It didn’t happen,” Baumgardner said.

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Katie Bernard covers the Kansas Legislature and state government for the Kansas City Star. She joined the Star as a breaking news reporter in May 2019 before joining the political team in December 2020. Katie studied journalism and political science at the University of Kansas.

Andhra Pradesh: 30 SC boarding school students admitted to IITs, minister says https://kenttribune.com/andhra-pradesh-30-sc-boarding-school-students-admitted-to-iits-minister-says/ Sun, 11 Sep 2022 14:49:00 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/andhra-pradesh-30-sc-boarding-school-students-admitted-to-iits-minister-says/

Welfare Minister Mr Nagarjuna said on Sunday that 30 social boarding school students from SC had gained admission into Indian Institutes of Technology after passing JEE-Advanced, 2022 with flying colors.

In a statement, Nagarjuna said a total of 72 students had been coached at the three JEE coaching centers in Chinnatekuru, Eedpugallu and Adavitakkellapadu. Among them, 37 qualified for the exam. The qualified students included 15 from Chinnatekuru, 10 from Adavitakkellapadu and five from Eedupugallu.

He said other qualified students would also be eligible for admission to central government institutes, including national institutes of technology.

Students from private coaching centers here have also achieved All India ranks in the entrance exam.

V. Lakshmi Sri Sai Srinivas of Sarada Educational Institutions, Vijayawada was ranked 1763; J. Sumanvitha (2,832); J. Hemanth Venkata Sai (2,939); S. Hasitha (3,248); P. Rachel (4,200); NVSN Sarath Chandra (4,443); Mr. Sree Meena Kalyani (5,713); and Md. Nauraj (8,240) in the test.

President Y. Ramesh Babu attributed the success to the hard work of students, the cooperation of parents and well-planned modes of teaching.

Remains matching missing PA woman found after brother’s suicide during welfare check: reports https://kenttribune.com/remains-matching-missing-pa-woman-found-after-brothers-suicide-during-welfare-check-reports/ Fri, 09 Sep 2022 20:35:00 +0000 https://kenttribune.com/remains-matching-missing-pa-woman-found-after-brothers-suicide-during-welfare-check-reports/

A woman who has been missing since August 3 has been found dead, multiple media report citing authorities.

Tammy Berkey, from Berlin, had left her home in a red transam on Wednesday and had not been heard from since, according to her family.

She was first reported missing on August 7, according to her family’s social media posts.

When state police attended her home along the Mason Dixon Highway in Brothersvalley Township for a welfare check on Aug. 11, her brother, James Foy Jr., went to another room and committed suicide, WJAC reports citing Acting District Attorney Molly Metzgar (Metzgar was sworn in after her predecessor Jeff Thomas was charged with rape).

It was originally reported that Foy Jr. “died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound” on Sunday, August 14, according to Pennsylvania State Police. But, it is now clear that police found remains on August 14 when they called Mercyhurst University’s forensic anthropology team to the scene that day, according to the outlet.

Specifically, his remains were discovered during a search of the Mason Dixon Freeway in Brothersvalley Township, according to WTAE.

PSP in Somerset County and the County Attorney’s Office also did not announce their involvement in the search for Berkey until after Foy Jr. died. The reason for the delay remains unclear.

“While many questions have been answered, there is still a lot of work to be done on this case,” Metzgar’s acting district attorney said in a statement. American Daily.

The following agencies participated in the effort: State Police Forensic Services Unit, K9 Unit, Drone and Aviation Units, and Greensburg Regional Laboratory; Christian Aid Ministries Search and Rescue Team; Dennis Dirkmaat and the Mercyhurst University Anthropology Team; Berlin ambulance; Somerset County Search and Rescue Team, Emergency Services, Sheriff 400 Search and Rescue Team and Coroner’s Office; Federal Bureau of Investigation Recovery Team; and ForensicDX.

The case is still open. For information on this case, the contact is asked to contact the Pennsylvania State Police at 814-445-4104.

If you or someone you love is having suicidal thoughts, call or text 988 to speak to someone at the National Suicide Hotline.

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