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Advise: approach family loans with caution

Mixing family and money can be complicated, which is why an expert from Greenleaf Trust recommends that all factors be weighed and that everything be thoroughly documented in the case of family loans. Regina Jaegar, Vice President and Senior Trust Relations Officer at Greenleaf Trust and Certified Trustee and Trustee, …

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Top construction loan lenders in 2021

Most people cannot afford to design and build their own home or pay for major upgrades out of pocket, which is why many lenders offer construction loans – shorter term loans used to finance. the construction or rehabilitation of a house. Here is Bankrate’s guide to the best construction loan …

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KNOWLEDGE CENTER: How a Small Business Commercial Real Estate Loan Can Help Homeowners Plant Their Roots and Reinvest in Their Business [Column] | Business

For many small business owners, finding the right location is only half the battle. Whether it’s rental contracts, increasing rental costs, or finding a new location if necessary, sifting through options can be tedious and time consuming, and it keeps you from generating sales. and income. For small business owners …

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