Kamala Harris Economic Priorities | Harris on tax breaks, stimulus checks

Michael A. McCoyGetty Images Before joining Joe Biden’s presidential campaign as the vice-presidential pick, Senator Kamala Harris pitched some big ideas on how to stimulate the economy. Her proposals as a presidential candidate offer a particular vision for an economy that protects low- and middle-income families, under-represented groups and the …

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G-20 summit ends with support for COVID-19 vaccines for all

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – Leaders of the world’s most powerful countries concluded the Group of 20 summit on Sunday, pledging to spare no effort to protect lives and ensure affordable access to COVID-19 vaccines for all . The two-day summit of heads of state was held virtually due …

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Judge denounces Betsy DeVos for “potentially illegal” conduct

California federal judge issued scathing reprimand on US Secretary of Education on Monday Betsy DeVos, claiming that his department failed to process student loan cancellation requests and issued massive denials without proper review. “Following the preliminary approval of a proposed class rule intended to re-launch the Department of Education (DoE) …

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