BSC-Based SquidKingdoms Launches Strategy Game “Squid

Fukuoka, Japan, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, SquidKingdoms launched a highly strategic game “Squid Game”. “Squid Game” is a popular Korean drama that ranks No. 1 in more than 90 countries around the world. Only a participant who risks his life in the game will win.

SquidKingdoms is GameFi on BSC, inspired by the famous “Squid Game” on Netflix. Traditional blockchain games are usually dominated by the first mover advantage, which makes latecomers less favorable. SquidKingdoms has made another attempt.

How can users participate in the Squid Games?

SquidKingdoms is a GameFi built on BSC. To participate, users will need the following tools and tokens.

Tools to prepare: MetaMask, Binance account

Tokens to prepare: BNB, BUSD

Step 1: Create a MetaMask (wallet) and connect to BSC

If users do not have MetaMask, please download it.

Then connect MetaMask to BSC and the user wallet is ready.

For more information, please see the following article.

Step 2: Buy BNB and BUSD on Binance and transfer to MetaMask

Then buy BNB and BUSD from Binance.

BNB: use as fee

BUSD: Usage in SquidKingdoms

If users are unfamiliar with these tokens, please refer to the following content provided by Binance Academy.

Finally, transfer these tokens to MetaMask. Check out the guide below on how to send money.

Step 3: Connect users wallet to SquidKingdoms

Finally, enter the SquidKingdoms and connect users to the MetaMask.

Enter the game for prizes now!

SquidKingdom Components

Here are the critical components of SquidKingdoms.


SquidGame is an exciting game that requires intelligence and strategy. The system allows certain users who participate in the game to win large sums of money. Season 1 is coming soon.

Mystery Pack

Users can get NFT from MysteryPack. By holding NFTs, users can earn money in various ways, including staking.

There are two types of MysteryPack.

Standard package: basic packages with discounts for bulk purchase.

Premium Package: Always contains rare NFTs.


By collecting NFTs from the MysteryPack, users can transform them into “ReproductionNFTs” which recreate famous scenes.

NFT Mining

Users can receive rewards by depositing NFT as collateral. There are two models of rewards as follows.

Mining $SQW: Earn by staking the normal NFT.

GameReward: Earn by staking ReproductionNFT.

NFT Market

The market is where users can buy and sell NFTs. Since it is necessary to own the designated NFTs to create “ReproductionNFT”, users can also expect to profit from the secondary market.




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