Brazen whiskey thieves steal over $120,000 worth of scotch from Glenfarclas

The Glenfarclas distillery in Scotland suffered a horrific burglary over the weekend, in which thieves appeared to know what they were after stealing over $120,000 worth of rare scotch.

The break-in at the distillery, mentioned on Glenfarclas social media feeds, happened around 2.45am local time yesterday. An unmentioned number of people burst into the visitor center, smashing cabinets and emptying “all the oldest and most valuable family casks and a 60-year-old bottle”.

The total value of the stolen whiskey, distillery officials noted, was over £100,000, or more than US$120,000. This reflects the retail value, it should be noted. Secondary market values, if they were to be sold, would likely be much higher.

A smashed Glenfarclas display case containing rare whiskey (image via Glenfarclas)

“The team is understandably very shaken by these events,” Glenfarclas officials noted in a Facebook post.

At the time of this publication, no immediate information was available on the suspects, including the number of individuals. It’s also unclear if the suspects had previously inspected the reception center, or if it may have been some kind of inside job.

As far as stolen whiskeys go, the Glenfarclas family casks represent a basic premium range, consisting of a series of vintage releases drawn from casks dating back decades. Each offering is said to have a specific story, containing its own complexity of aromas.

It’s hard to get a clear idea of ​​the range of Family Casks, unless of course you can see them side by side, as was the case with a super rare “Family Cask Trunk” offered in 2018 for around 128,000 US$. at the time. It held small traffic jams spanning from 1954 to 2003.

The 60-year-old offering, meanwhile, apparently first hit the market in 2015. Priced at around $22,000 at the time, it was drawn from one of the last 1953 barrels. from the distillery. Only 360 bottles have been released worldwide, housed in “a bespoke cut crystal decanter that” mirrors the classic Glenfarclas bottle shape while each side of the hexagonal presentation box represents one of the family’s 6 generations. Grant to own and manage the distillery since 1865.’

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