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Actor Avinash Tiwary explains why conversations about animal welfare and climate change should happen more often and not just on specific days

Actor Avinash Tiwary, who shot his next in Jharkhand, feels his time in the state has opened his eyes to the entire ecosystem. He now insists on the need for more conversations about nature conservation.

“Jharkhand was a revelation for me. I ignored her natural beauty. We shot in the rural areas of Palamu and the surrounding area. The production has done a fantastic job making sure everyone feels safe and comfortable as this is a very long schedule, ”Tiwary shares.

He’s been in Palamu since mid-August and is reportedly filming for the screen adaptation of Bihar Newspapers. During his schedule, he took a break to visit Betla National Park in Latehar District.

The Bulbul (2020) the actor believes animal welfare should be a daily conversation, not just a day. “Not just the welfare of the animals, but the welfare of the whole ecosystem. Environment versus development is a constant debate and I think one way to strike a balance is to find ways to monetize through the environment at minimum cost, ”he says.

Stating that sustainable tourism is a big step forward, the 36-year-old adds: “It means boosting the potential of tourism until the carrying capacity of a place is reached, then leading to sustainability with the help of all stakeholders “.

Opening up on his experience in the jungle, he says, “The national park was one of the first national parks to become a tiger reserve. It is almost intact as it is far from the carrying capacity of the place. Law and order has been a problem in the past and may have been one of the deterrents, as it is still not explored much. Personally, I think the place has evolved beautifully and would likely become a hotspot for wildlife and astro photography enthusiasts. It was amazing to watch the sky full of stars at night and experience the monsoons here with green covering every square inch of this place.

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