Archax DLT post-trade market infrastructure appoints Martin Watkins as CEO

Montis Digital’s DLT post-trade market infrastructure is designed to be blockchain-independent and will be available to exchanges and market participants around the world.

Montis Digital, a subsidiary of the FCA-regulated digital stock exchange, brokerage and custodian Archax, has appointed Martin Watkins, the former veteran of EY, Atos Euronext and Euroclear as chief executive.

Montis builds a native blockchain-based digital post-trade infrastructure to authorize tokenized assets, such as digital securities or security tokens.

Many tokenized assets are regulated by securities regulations in their issuing jurisdiction, such as the European Union’s Central Securities Depository (CSDR) regulation which requires ownership of digital securities to be held in a depository. central de titres (CSD) if the issue is admitted to a secondary market for trade – such as Archax.

Since existing CSDs are not digitally native or blockchain-based, Archax set up Montis Digital to provide the post-trade capabilities necessary to support the growing and rapid adoption of regulated digital securities around the world, namely registration of ownership ‘on chain’ or tokens being freely transferable between portfolios.

Graham Rodford, CEO of Archax Group, said: “The potential benefits of using blockchain technology in financial markets are particularly relevant in the post-trade space, where many intermediaries are currently involved and the entire process can be time consuming and inefficient.

“Blockchain-based post-trade infrastructure can reduce settlement times, eliminate friction, improve efficiency and reduce costs – and our subsidiary Montis Digital is developing the technology required for this and is, crucially, independent. from all other sites, Archax products, and services too.

Martin Watkins, CEO of Montis Digital, said: “I am delighted to be a part of Montis Digital and the Archax Group, working at the forefront of building the next generation of infrastructure for capital markets using the blockchain technology.

“Having worked with the world’s leading financial market infrastructure (IMF) providers and having been responsible for EMEIA for the exchanges and the IMF at EY, I am fully aware of the challenges that exist in the post-trade world. and how new distributed ledger (DLT) technology can be leveraged to revolutionize the ecosystem.

Archax recently appointed Malcolm Ford to its Institutional Sales division in London and Alex Royle to its executive committee as the new Chief Compliance Officer.

The company, along with other names in the digital asset space, has joined Broctagon’s inter-exchange liquidity network, NEXUS WorldBook – a crypto liquidity ecosystem, committed to building a cohesive network for manufacturers and takers. .

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