A Madina-type welfare state will be put in place in stages: PM – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that a welfare state modeled on the state of Medina would be established in stages and there was a need to ensure social justice in accordance with the principles of Islam.

The prime minister sought the recommendations of the Council of Islamic Ideology (ICI) regarding the establishment of an Islamic welfare state in Pakistan and assured it that the recommendations would be implemented.

He was discussing the matter with a delegation led by the President of the CII, Dr Qibla Ayaz. The delegation included Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi, Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Religious Harmony, and member of the CII.

Request recommendations from the Council of Islamic Ideology

The two golden principles of the state of Medina were justice and public welfare and these could guarantee the progress of the nation, the prime minister said.

“The West has developed by adopting these principles – no one is above the law and justice for all,” he said, adding: “Unfortunately, no leader ever thought to make Pakistan a true Islamic welfare state. ”

Prime Minister Khan said he started his policy solely to serve the poor by applying the principles of the state of Medina. “It was Islam that empowered the weaker sections and gave women rights. Only by following the guiding principles of Islam can we get rid of corruption. ”

The Prime Minister called on the CII to find an intellectual solution to the problems of Islamophobia and blasphemy in the West. He stressed the need to find solutions to the problems facing modern societies based on the principles of Islam.

The CII president said knowledge about social justice in Islam would be disseminated in Friday sermons and the CII had finalized 100 topics for a Friday sermon book.

For the establishment of an Islamic ideological society, he said, a collection of Friday sermons would be distributed to the imams of the mosques managed by the departments of Auqaf as a first step.

“All topics are related to building a better society. These sermons will help disseminate knowledge about social justice in accordance with the principles of Islam, ”Dr Ayaz said, addressing reporters after the meeting.

He added that the preliminary draft of all subjects had been prepared after consultation with all members of the CII. He said the sermon book would be finalized soon.

Dr Ayaz said Prime Minister Khan was the only head of government to raise the issue of Islamophobia and blasphemy in international forums.

“We are working on an intellectual response for the international community and on some parameters that Pakistan would like the West to adopt,” said the president of the CII.

Hafiz Ashrafi said Pakistan faced a serious problem of misuse of blasphemy law in the past. “But I can say with confidence and responsibility that no cases of abuse of this law have been reported in the past six months and at the same time the state will take severe action against those who take the law. in their hands to enforce their law. version of Sharia, ”he added.

CII members congratulated the senior clerics of Gilgit-Baltistan for putting an end to a possible clash in that region. They called the conflicts a conspiracy to derail the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

CII members condemned attacks on a school and a mosque in Kabul by the militant group Islamic State. They also expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people and denounced the terrorism of the State of Israel.

Posted in Dawn on May 25, 2021

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